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Which one is more effective? The Vimeo Videos, or the Theta Hypnosis Audios?


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The short answer is it depends on the person.


For any kind of deep change work, you need to look for results. Since the changes happen unconsciously, you may be behaving differently, so it won't feel like it.


For example, if you were afraid of elevators, and then had some hypnosis done, you wouldn't be afraid. Before, being afraid felt normal. After, NOT being afraid would feel normal. But if you were so zoned out you started taking the elevator instead of the stairs, (while staring at your iphone) you wouldn't notice unless somebody mentioned it.


This is where the 4 voice files can come in handy. Since you can listen to the words being spoken, you have a conscious memory of the session, so when you're out in public, you're more likely to associate things with the session. You might hear a cash register and immediately recall a voice saying "you find money everywhere." Then you get the "Aha! These work!"


You can think of the 4 voices being on the border between conscious-unconscious.


The 256 voices, there's really no way you can hear any of the voices, other than a stray word here and there. They are much deeper in the subconscious.


So there won't be that conscious connection between real world events and any memories of listening. For the 256 voices, you have to REMEMBER to look for evidence. Like keeping a journal, or charting your objective progress in any area.


While the 256 voices ARE more powerful, simply because there's more information being input into your subconscious, the chances of NOT NOTICING are much higher, since they are purely going into your subconscious.


Whereas the 4 voices you're much more apt to notice changes.


To MAXIMIZE your results, it would be best in either case to make it a habit of looking for results, rather than simply expecting them to look for you.


However, this isn't something a lot of people do, so in many cases the 4 voices are best, since they take care of the "looking for results" part by how they are constructed. You have a conscious memory of the voices telling you what to look for.


But you can commit to daily journaling, and look for objective changes in your behavior, then all the better. Mix as many as you can together.


Make sense?

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