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photographic memory - instant recall anything - memory genius

Guest john345

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Guest john345

Develop a powerful photographic memory



I have a photographic memory

My memory is excellent

My memory is in peak condition

My brain processes information fast and accurately

I am a memory master

You easily remember information

You quickly remember information

Your memory is accurate and efficient

You see something once and remember it forever

You recall complicated information with great ease

You are a memory genius

Why do you have a photographic memory?

You use both spheres of your brain equally well

You remember everything you study

Your comprehension, retention and speed of recall are very strong

Your memory is powerful and amazing

People are stunned at your memory

People are amazed at your photographic memory




Plus u can add more


You and I affirmations

Alpha wave 11hz



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Guest john345

Also include


I have a total recall of my dreams

You have excellent powers of recall

You have an incredible memory

You easily concentrate and focus

Your memory is sharp and clear

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