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Assertive Communication, Money Love, Solar Plexus

Yoga last night was great and challenging.


Decided it was time to unroot while take new actions to develop myself as a person.

The plan is to keep investing in my skills and abilities as well as break old routines and that have gotten me into a stale position.

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Things to do:

  • Thinking it's time to get a part-time job to keep me busy and earn extra income.
  • Decided on learning aikido as a fighting skill and starting at once a week.
  • Yoga will stay as once a week for now. 
  • Gym will resume as 4-5 times a week.
  • Read new books and valuable information online.

I need more money to supplement my lifestyle and I think getting a part-time would be the right move.


The goal remains the same: More money, More Sex, and King


Everything is in motion to bring me up in character, so I may obtain the right attributes and qualities I need to paint the grand picture.


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Things have been really stale and I desired change. As you can see from the many hypnosis sessions I started listening to.

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2/5 Updates




  • Read a book for 2 hours straight!
  • Was writing today and took 0 willpower
  • Added new keywords to my google adwords, felt like investing to increase my traffic.
  • Been applying for part times job for the time being.
  • Bought Interpersonal Resonance from George Hutton, great purchase worth every single penny and some more! Highly impressed with the content here, he always impresses me with the many different ways he has to fill your mind with powerful knowledge and wisdom.



  • Didn't go to aikido practice as originally planned.
  • Went to have sex with some chick, and she blew me off, was very pissed off about this. I will go get sex tomorrow then.





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2nd Attempt

Fail attempts at getting sex all because I left my phone at the house, suck so hard, and really pisses me off.

I did appreciate my efforts in making this happen, but this is really getting frustrating at times..

Sometimes, I really hate that I have to do this.I feel trapped in the matrix having to satisfy my human needs.

In addition, part of my path to enlightenment revolves around sex, so I am forced to play the game whether I like or not..

Im also trying to make up for all the wasted time I did believing in bullshit fantasies about 'love'

The whole thing in my head is so freaking simple it's just a matter of doing it to the level I am trying to do that is the hard part.

Never the less the experience was good in of itself, but not quite what I was looking for.

Tomorrow is another day.



*ends rant*


2/6 +5 hours later

I feel back to normal and relieved of all frustration.

Not the most productive day.

I have a feeling tomorrow will be better

I am going to use maybe treasure from Interpersonal resonance and see how it goes!


Goals: Money,Sex,King

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Be careful with the sex stuff. The moment your penis starts ruling your mind, you begin losing clarity, focus and overall intelligence. You gotta control that with your will or it'll screw you over. Age old wisdom. 

Thank you for your concern, brother. What you stated is a valid concern, but I feel like I have to do this.

I do this for the glory of God, if not me who else?!


I need to face my fears(this is very broad here) and abolish all previous programming. 

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Hypnosis: IR- Treasure

Goal: Money, Sex, King


I woke up at 6'o clock did my routine instead of going back to sleep I started writing and stayed awake for another 2 hours.

Then I went back to sleep, lol it was more of a meditative rest, though.

Had a big urge to procrastinate today which I did because I really didn't know what I wanted to do and was unsure if I really wanted to follow up on the sex plan.



3rd times the charm

Good news folks, your man got some sex today. 

The feeling is a calm breezy feeling and just feels 'good'. 

Felt internally exhausted afterwards I had planned to go to the gym afterwards, but now I just want to relax and take a lazy Sunday.

I do feel that it is a tad bit overrated, but a necessary component like food and money.


Train Observation -

Met new people and made eye contact. Not the friendliest place to meet new people.

Personally, I feel maybe the bus might be a better place to meet people, but trains work as well.

Talked to a few people during the train ride while being mostly relaxed.


Downtown area -

Has a better gene pool and selections of people than where I currently reside. 

I would highly recommend you to pick high-quality locations to attract high-quality people(duh right!).

Encourages me to want to meet new people. Also, motivates me to make more money and sex on a subconscious level.


Conclusion - Came out feeling satisfied and tired. Not the most productive day, but I did what needed to be done for God.

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Hypnosis: Treasure

Goal: Money,Sex,King


Slow day,I woke up at 1 PM; Didn't really get much out of it.

Some consistent efforts here and there...

Felt a huge spike of energy which drove me to get out the house and go to the gym! That was very interesting and new for me.

I seem to have an increase desire(or energy) to just get out of the house and do things. This is a little distracting in terms of just sitting still and focusing on something.

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Hypnosis: IR - Approach Machine, Conversation Magic, Conversation starter


Been reading through interpersonal resonance and I am very impressed with the content. 

This is definitely up my alley as something I want to master on my path as a seducer, my spiritual path and as a better human in general.

Watched the T.V Show  Billions as per recommendation from my friend. Very interesting show and one I truly enjoy.

I feel like the house is a cursed place to be. When I am outside I feel more sociable and willing to talk, but when I am at the house I feel so deeply introspective.



+ Approached a few people and broke ice

+ small conversations here and there




-feeling off this week...lack of planning or organization or indecisiveness



To Dos:

  • Yoga
  • Apply for part-time jobs
  • Write articles 
  • Create more podcast videos
  • Read and comprehend interpersonal resonance

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Hypnosis: Millionaire Work Ethic


I just released a new podcast about my kundalini awakening experience. I do think maybe I could have done better, but overall I am just satisfied for taking the initiative of seeing it gets done.

The process of creation feels very satisfying at the end of the day.


+ Finished a podcast piece

+ Felt internally happy

+ Read the IR and received a copy of The Power of Your Subconscious mind from Amazon


- Too cold fo the gym today

- No Yoga( thinking this may need to be pushed back a little bit)

- no aikido yet ( this will need to be postponed as well)


The most important thing for me is getting work done. More work, more money, more happiness, more resources and the ability to help millions of people prosper in their lives is a great thing.

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Hypnosis: Millionaire Work Ethic

Goal: Money, Sex, King



Felt in a productive state of mind. I was very willing to things today, even though it was so freaking coooold! 

I also, got some writing practice in, read a book, and read some more!

Faced one of my biggest fears today which was pretty interesting...

I feel fired up to make more money because God wants more from me and I shall give God better.



-Super cold today hard to move around during the cold. Makes you really want to inside where it's warm.

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Hypnosis: Millionaire Work Ethic

Goal Money, Sex ,King



+Finished a new article and I am committing more and more to my goals.

+ 100 pushups today broken in 3 sets

+ found myself flexing sporadically



-I still have a long road ahead of me and I need to maximize my gains as quickly as I can

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Still on vacation at Florida. Florida has a great environment and is a lot better for me to get worked done.


Many sales have been made and I'm really pumped about that!


My heart chakra has been showing of pain. I'm a little unsure how to make of this. 


It seems like I am still having trouble moving on from old pains. 


Sometimes, I feel like that I let people get away with murder when I could just punish them in return. 


Really unsure how to handle this because I have been having this issues for a very long time.


But, now it's getting pretty bad.

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Had a confrontation pretty much exploded...


The pain seems to have gone away afterwards...


All my previous anger has been unleashing now...


I feel like this is a long over due thing because I'm not winning by holding the pain either and trying to be the bigger man.


So, in my case it seems necessary that I confront those who wish to put me in a small position..

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Feeling like there is something deep inside that is waiting to come out...

It usually lingers between my solar plexus and heart chakra.

There is something wanting to rise up out of the cage and I am a little unsure if I should be doing anything differently or just let it take it's course.

My heart feels like it wants to come out and be free. 

What is it that I'm missing I wonder?

My first Kundalini Awakening was very scary, yet I felt so POWERFUL. Telepathy, Mind Reading, speaking in tongue, profound insight coming through me via images and voices. 

I truly wasn't ready for the first one, but I believe I willed it to happen. 


Anger/Rage thoughts was the amplifier which made me realize you can become both an Angel or 'Demon' if you so choose to.


Currently, I feel serene, but it's as if something is missing.

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For what it's worth saying hi to people has become a lot easier.

My throat sometimes feels like it's a little stuck at times, though...

Weird feeling,"cat got your tongue" is a good way to describe it


Perhaps, I am a little closed of in the throat area(5th Chakra), so I have been doing my best to open it up.

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4/14 Hypnosis - Kundalini, Maximum Potential, Remote Influence, Divinity



  • Went to the gym
  • Confidently walking around the world
  • Felt more aggressive
  • Boldly holding eye contacts
  • Was more talkative than usual in a weird odd way(maybe it was the caffeine not sure)

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4/15 Hypnosis - Kundalini...




  • Crushed my workout 
  • Single minded focus. Almost got distracted a lot, but I held focus!
  • Boldly holding eye contact
  • Published new article
  • Seeing a spike in my business average gains per day!


  • Woke up at 1:00 PM today...put me behind quite a bit
  • Dreaming of information via subconscious. Unsure if this is a pro or con, but it keeps me from waking up early as it keeps me seeking the meaning behind the dream.

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