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Debt destruction vid, Income streams, Dream Career, Wealthy Men


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Here's my updates on these four.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the subliminals and products so much btw I remain massively grateful.


The first two are vimeo, the second two are here, members videos. 


Some changes have certainly happened, things are starting to happen:


Debt Destruction: I felt this urge to open some mail that was in a pile, and I opened a letter from months ago (yes, not good, I know!) well it was from a bank saying about a balance transfer, 0% per cent for a year and five months.  So I have done a partial balance transfer to start off with.  I'm continuing with this sub, of course but I'm delighted, it certainly brings some relief!


Income Streams: 

Two things:  This guy (he has a thing for me anyway and he's trying to be in my good books ya see) but I ended up telling him about my situation and he said he knows someone who can get me extra work when I don't have any from my day job, not a lot of money but SOMETHING.  I haven't explored this yet, haven't needed to, but pretty cool.

Secondly, when I've been watching youtube videos of a program I am following, I keep seeing ads for certain online courses, that are a skill set theoretically I could use to do some work from home (no, not a scam, not a selling thing either)

So I will look into both of these options later but it's exciting!  I also - as I was initially going through a rough patch financially - thought of all these ideas on getting money, like someone who I'd forgotten owed me money (no he didn't give it back but two others gave me £60 altogether!) and a way to pay some expenses through the bank and so on. 


Dream Career: Wow what happened with this is weird!  I was doing dream career with this & another hypnosis and suddenly my job which was meant to end in mid March, ended on the 22nd of December!

I was like WTF?  But I have gone back to a temp version of what I do - I have done the temping of it before and when I do, I find I have more balance & variety in my life and I like it soooo much more.   So while it's not my dream career it's actually an improvement!  And I've been getting work for every day I want it for, since about 8th of Jan, and getting any days off I want.  I am focusing on money and of course income streams to support me in the down times as what I do is semi-seasonal in a way, but work-life balance and job satisfaction? WAY up from before!  So, it's a start and steps in the right direction & even though I want to change careers, I am enjoying my current career way more.


Wealthy men: A mixed bag as I have had a few guys wanting to pay me to have sex with them!  I told them all no ha ha.  But I also had a dinner date with a sort of real estate guru in a Mercedes (yes, he's attracted but he mostly wants sex, he's not romantic enough or cute enough for me but I did enjoy our date we had some laughs & a lovely dinner! Guy from online)  And I had a few dates with an American guy including dinner at a posh restaurant in my city, going to a movie together and laughing and laughing! a couple of quick meals and a 7 course New Years Eve dinner with sparklers, champagne and delicious food!  Plus I really enjoyed our conversations and he's been lovely to me.  Of course, he lives there and I don't.  He's talked about wanting to fly me to New York to spend time.  If he does, AWESOME!  But either way it's cool.  Couple of other dates with other guys too.  I DO rather like the New Yorker.  He's not my usual type but I do find him sexy and charming, he's upbeat, very intelligent, classy.  I'm just pleased I got to experience all that cos I used to be the type of girl who would attract gorgeous broke guys and insist on paying for her own coffee and it's just been so nice to be spoiled a bit but also I think some of it can run off onto you, the way that wealthy people can act about money, spending and so on and it's been fun to experience a little of that!  And have some posh fun!  YES! I also had a handful of men wanting to be my sugar daddy but they were mostly married or I wasn't attracted.  


So that's my updates on some of the subliminals.  


Just so happy I found out about these! 

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I'm so glad to hear about the amazing manifesting! 

For myself financially what has worked is the following tracks: believe in wealth, money magnet and money mind (16 voices). 

When I first started listening to it months ago a loved one offered me a few K from an investment and I've found money on the ground, there have been other amazing things that happen. Hope this brings you wealth (both knowledge and monetary-wise!) :)

Happy listening!

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I do multiple subs but not too many!  

Well, I often pick a few that I will do for up to a month, though the wealthy men one took longer to work, cos of my resistance and I took a break from it in the middle & focused on other things.  I will mix it up by adding some that I want for that day.  


Light thanks for your reply!


Skye, thank you so much!  

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