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I want to be less judgemental and see more of everyone's beauty. This one would be great because it would make me feel like life is not a competition- I truly deep down believe that everyone can win!


I see the beauty in others daily. 

Seeing the beauty in others reflects the good in life. 

I believe in the good of humanity. 

I see the limitless potential in others.

I offer great support and guidance. 

I see others as brothers, sisters or mentors instead of competition. 

I love being my highest self in every moment.

I love being around the best company of friends.

I always stay true to my personal morals and values. 

I innately diffuse drama conflicts. 

I allow others to feel valued. 

I allow my talents to shine while also supporting others successes. 


If there are any other suggestions you'd like. Feel free to add! (maybe there's a perspective I've missed) 

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