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this is a request for becoming a super powered being

every one please support this post so george can move it higher on his priority list as WE CAN ALL BENEFIT FROM IT


i have complete conscious control over my entire existence

I have 100% control of my enitre body on the subatomic level

i am a master of mentally manipulating all varieties of molecules

i can mentally manipulate molecules for infinite effects

i can manipulate and reshape every and all forms of matter with my thoughts 

I can control and manipulate all matter and all energy at a subatomic level

i can materialize any and all forms of matter and energy 

i can dematerialize any and all forms of matter and energy

i can create protective forcefields

i can create devastating energy beams

i can create hyperspace portals

can transform myself into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum

i can shape shift for infinite effects

i can control my body temperature

i can become intangible

i can phase through any all forms of matter harmlessly 

i can become invisible 

i am a master of biology

i am a master of genetics

i am a master of chemistry

i am a master of physics

i am a master of reality engineering

i can masterfully control all the forces and elements of nature

i can masterfully control all the elements and forces of the universe

my powers are unlimited

my abilities are unlimited

i am literally limitless

everything is possible for me

i can instantly absorb the memories, knowledge, talents, personality, powers and physical abilities of anyone being i touch 

i can instantly absorb unlimited amounts of knowledge

my brain has infinite capacity 

my mind allows me to instantly recall specific information with  extreme speed and accuracy

i can read 999,000 words per minute

i can precisely replicate any physical movement after seeing it once

my procedural memory is extremely developed to an advanced extent

I can be, do and have anything

i am a master of infinite psionic powers

i am an omnikinetic master

i have omnkinesis

i can manipulate and control all forces within the omniverse

i am a master of all the sciences 

I have every superhuman ability

I have every superhuman power

I have every superhuman feature

I now release all past conditioning

I now allow the new me to emerge

i have absolutely no weaknesses

i am susceptible to absolutely nothing

all weapons in existence are useless against me

all forms of attack are useless against me

are forms of mind control are useless against me

I am 100% invulnerable in every sense and aspect

i have bullet proof flesh

my entire body is bullet proof inside and out

I am 100%  invincible in every sense an aspect

no amount of force can destroy me

i am 100% indestructible in every sense and aspect

my entire existence is an invincible weapon

i am an invincible one man army

i can manipulate the logic of any and all beings

i can cast exceptionally powerful realistic illusions via telepathy

i can psionically cause other beings to see, hear, feel, smell, and/or taste things that do not actually exist but only in their heads

My entire d.n.a. sequence is active

I can lift and press 999 googleplexianth  tons with ease

i can push and pull 999 googleplexianth tons with ease

my electromagnetic field is impenetrable

my body and mind need only sunlight and water to thrive

I can vibrate my body at any frequency of my choice

I use my electromagmetic field to create an antigravity bubble

My i.q. is 999 googleplexianth

I can emit devastating solar radiation from my eyes in the form of heat

my lungs hold oxygen for 10,000 hours

i can hear anything in earths atmosphere

 i can see through any and all forms of matter

my eyes can see with amazing clairity of detail distance and color

i can vividly perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum

i can magnify my vision up to  10,000 times

I have 1% bodyfat

I thrive in any environment anywhere

i can jump 10 miles in the air

i have precision muscle control

i can replicate any and every voice and sound i have ever heard

I am always in the right place at the right time performing the right action

my intuition is always absolutely accurate

I am centered

my body is in perfect condition

my mind is in perfect condition

I have infinite stamina

i can run swim and fly at mach 6 speed

i can think and react at mach 6 speed

my Thoughts create reality

my thoughts instantly materialize in to reality

I am above the laws of physics

your powers are unlimited

your abilities are unlimited

you can be, do and have anything

you have every superhuman ability

you have every superhuman power

you have every superhuman feature

you now release all past conditioning

you now allow the new you to emerge




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