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Breatherian (Inedia)


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I've been working on mastering this skill using the Biokinesis Hypnosis. A specific track would also be helpful. Hope this can be helpful to others as well. 


I release the need to consume food or water for energy.

I access the unlimited source within.

My cells recycle energy.

My cells live off of prana energy alone. 

My cells are connected to pure light energy. 

I release the need to urinate or defecate.

I no longer produce flatulence. 

My cells reuse all energy. 

I am always full. 

My stomach is always full. 

I never need to eat or drink.

I perform cell talk to replenish energy. 

My cells instantaneously replenish energy.

My thought power instantly supports life.

I use my Biokinesis abilities to release all need for food or water. 

I never needed to consume food or water for energy. 

My cells are always full with unlimited energy. 




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