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Body-Hair Free


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I find waxing such a chore. :/ This would be such a time-saver. :)


Some suggestions might be:


I only grow hair on my head, eyelashes, eyebrows. The rest of my body is hair-free.

I release the need for waxing, shaving or any other method of hair removal. 

I am happy with my hair growth. 

I have thick long eyelashes.

My eyelashes complement my eyes. 

I have thick long youthful hair. 

My eyebrows are naturally perfectly shaped.

I never need to shape my eyebrows. 

I release the need for threading or tweezing. 

I am satisfied with my naturally well-shaped eyebrows. 

I never get split-ends. 

The hair on my scalp grows multiple inches overnight.

My scalp hair is soft and naturally moisturized. 

People feel the need to touch my soft long hair. 

People are drawn to my beautiful eyelashes. 



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