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I'm all over the place. I need help in choosing the subs to use.

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Hello @admin, right now I'm using your MasterMix of Manifest women and 100k2022 while sleeping at night.

Few days ago I bought Internal Alpha from Teachable, good course!

I'm constantly getting tempted to change subs and sometimes I do. Although its been a few days since I'm consistently listening to the 2 above mentioned.

My goals in the order of their priority are 1) Sex, 2) Money with (Drive/Ambition which are useful for both the goals)

I'm not exactly proud of the job/income I have right now. And I want income from sources other than my job.

I've bought tons from you. But after going through internal alpha, I think Internal alpha + 100k2022 would make a good combo given my goals.

I see Internal Alpha as a watered down version of Manifest Women, where drive/ambition and all aspects of Sex are covered.

Internal Alpha has lesser affirmation compared to Manifest Women, so the results might be faster? Right? since my subcon has be learn less things?

I'm losing hair due to genetic reasons so I'm listening to some youtube subs for hair and also 2 subs for Male Enhancement. I hope this wont interfere with your subs. 

What should I do? I've told you everything.

Thank you

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Choose one or two and stick with it.


If you keep questioning your choices and changing course,  you'll essentially be guaranteeing your failure.

Sex and money are the main drives of all men.

The most important trait toward those ends is consistency.

Daily consistency.

Don't fall into the trap of trying to hurry up and get results, particularly by ONLY listening to the subliminals.

1) Daily behavioral change, slowly and consistently.

2) Daily journaling about results and ideas for further behavior. NOT a  journal filled with wishes.

3) Daily listening while focusing on the next level of success, in small steps, based on your daily behavior.

Don't swing for the fences.

Choose one program, system and dedicate an hour a day to that (using the three recommendations above) for at least a couple of months.

No matter HOW MUCH success you get, you will ALWAYS want more sex and you will ALWAYS want more money.

Take your time, go slowly and BE CONSISTENT.

Slowly add in more sessions, and BEHAVIORS as your results slowly improve.

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4 hours ago, admin said:

Take your time, go slowly and BE CONSISTENT.


Thank you for the extensive reply.


I'll be religiously sticking to Internal Alpha + 100k2022 as my night routine. 1 Hair sub + 1 Testosterone binaural. That's it. No male enhancement.


I'll be more consistent with journaling.


After a month or so. I'll be reporting back what happens.

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