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Master Stunt Performer/Body Control


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This is a cool idea for a vid. I had thought of it specifically for stunt performers in the movies (It's for general control over all physical movements) 


I am in control of all my physical movements. 

I am a master Equestrian

I can perform all stunts with equipments

I perform amazing stunts with cars

I perform amazing stunts with motorcycles. 

I am a Parkour God

I have impeccable aim. 

I have the highest skill in archery and sword fighting. 

I am a natural at fencing.

I am an innate gymnast. 

I am an innate skydancer. 

I am an innate acrobat. 

I am an innate swimmer. 

I can easily do back-flips.

I am an innate break dancer. 

The air supports my movements. 

I perform stunts with accuracy. 

I am a master of artistic gymnastics. 

I am a master of rhythmic gymnastics

I am a master of sports acrobatics

I am a master of sports aerobics. 

I am a master of cheerleading. 

I am a master of trampolining. 

I am a master of power tumbling. 

I am a master of gymnastics. 

I can control all movement of physical energy. 

I can easily reverse my movements

I can easily control my physical energy mid-air. 

I can control my physical energy flow using my mind. 

I can control all physical energy flow within milli-seconds.

I have the quickest reaction time. 

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