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Long Nail Beds


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This would be awesome 'cuz I desire to never have a manicure again! (I dislike using chemical-filled nail polishes)


Some vid suggestions could be: 


My grip is dainty.

My cuticles are soft. 

My nails never break.

I never get hangnails.

My nail matrix is healthy. 

My nails are naturally healthy. 

I have attractive and lean fingers. 

My nails are effortlessly beautiful.

I have normal nail plate curvature.

My nail beds are long and extended.

I release the need to wear nail polish.  

My nails are strong and grow quickly.

My nail plate is smooth and ridge-free. 

I love the appearance of my natural nails.

I have healthy amounts of calcium and keratin. (could add "vitamin A,C, E, zinc, iodine and iron"/didn't want it to be too wordy).

All my nails are perfectly shaped and symmetrical.

My attractive nails are a symbol of my healthy body.

I am complimented daily for my attractive fingernails. 

The skin on my hands and feet is smooth and youthful. 

My toenails are flawless and grow with minimum sunlight

I showcase my perfect nails with grace like a hand model.

My nail cells communicate congruently to promote health.

The free edge of all my nails ends at each of my fingertips.

I have increased regeneration and natural regrowth of nails.

I access my Biokinesis ability to manifest perfect fingernail and toenail health. 

My nails are the definition of natural beauty, optimal health and limitless cellular prosperity! :D



As Always, Thanks George! :)

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