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Become a Master of Tantric Sex


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Gain control over the sexual transmutation , can speed the regeneration and growth , physical and spiritual of the human being , because , semen, the energy substance contained in the testes of man and woman in sexual libido are energy thermo -hydro - electric - nuclear containing the potential profit to make us immortal in the flesh and spirit , but only if , remain within the physical body, such as uranium Earth that if remain inside nourishes and strengthens the core of Her! Tantra teaches just that, getting the perfect sexual union where the man and woman become one breath ecstatic that opens the door to ecstasy and to infinity , George please create an audio session to gain dominion over animal impulses and become a master sex tantric yoga , with phrases like " I am a master of tantric sex " " I never pour my sperm " " I do not fall and never give in to impulses animals " " I learned perfectly sexual transmutation " " I am a Yoga Sex master" and so on...

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I agree this one is important and a great idea! The ancient Egyptians "ankh-ed" energy; its a very similar idea using the energy during orgasm to elevate consciousness


Some added affirmations could be: 


I ankh my sexual energy effortlessly 

I ankh during orgasm unconsciousness

Tantric Sex allows me to fully express my existence

Through Tantric Sex I merge with all sexual energy 

Through Tantric Sex i merge with all creative energy 

Through Tantric Sex I merge with all universal energy

I am enlightened sexuality 

Sex is sacred and divine

My sexual energy allows me to experience synergy

My lover and I experience spiritual synergy during sex

My lover and I elevate in consciousness during tantra 

Tantric Sex stimulates my innate sensuous spirituality

I am sexually aware

I am in the present moment during tantric sex

Tantra expands and liberates consciousness


Maybe the affirmations could be gender-neutral (instead of "I never pour my sperm"; I contain my life force during orgasm) or one could be created for each gender as I believe both with benefit from this one!

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Thank you a lot for the reply! Yes, i think too that could be very helpfull for each gender because the Sexual Alchemy, or Ark of the covenant or salvation, allows the couple of lovers to  cleanse them from all the ego crystallized in the physical body, etheric , mental , causal , of will , and in the light body and so they really become Androginus :)!! 

Affirmation like :

i never fall into ejaculation i only transmute my sexual energy  sending it to my crown chackra with my will power- 

I and my partner we are perfectly united during the wedding alchemical -

I attract tantra partners in my life who want to expand their potential -

I never loose my semen -

During tantric sex i can easily move my sexual energy  anywhere i want to regenerate my body-

I have powerfull orgasms without come-

I have total and complete control of my perineum muscle -

my sexual energy allow me to obtain ascension.


 Furthermore the seminal waters are contained in part in the sexual organs but most is contained in the kidneys ! So even statements like:

my kidneys can hold and store infinite amounts of water-

my kidneys are incredibly healthy and strong-

my loins are girded of sexual energy -

I have reached the perfection of my sexual monad-

my bladder is an incredibly large cup of water transmuted-

 Also it is important to add statements about the strength and dominance on their personal fire ! 

I have the full and total control over my sexual fire -

I do not burn myself or my partner with the fire of passion -

I use the fire just to grow and regenerate and never to hurt myself or others

my personal fire  is always in the genitals and in the second chakra  and does not rise to the other chakras unless I forbid



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This is a great idea for a vid and lines up well with the affirmations on the new sacral chakra vid


Today I asked for a martial arts vid, which is along similar lines


There was a sexual vid amongst the old you tube series which was very good and received a lot of positive feedback


At the time I suggested one for swingers, now to take that confidence and sexual prowess into a group situation, club, or party, for those that enjoy that lifestyle. Perhaps it's one we may still see?

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