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Meet The Right People


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Could you make an audio, that helps you to meet the right people (friends, business partners, mentors, soulmates ect.) Just people, who …

-have the same life experience, hobbies, beliefs, or dreams  / 

-can teach you important life lessons / 

-are exiting, interesting, different and one of a kind / 

-can help you accomplish your dreams / 

-change you for the better 


Some suggestions: 

I always meet the right people 

I always meet influential supporters 

I always meet outstanding people 

I always meet like-minded people 

I always make new best friends 

I attract meaningful relationships 

I attract life-changing friendships 

I attract mentors 

I attract lovers

I attract people, who love me 

I attract friends, who are just like me 

I attract friends with the same life experience 

I attract my soulmate 

I attract people, who help me accomplish my dreams 

I attract people, who show me the world 

I’m friends with the most caring people

I’m friends with the most powerful people 

I’m friends with the wisest people 

I’m friends with the most unique people 



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