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I would like to ask for these affirmations:


You are a sorcerer with unlimited power.

You have mastered all the esoteric arts.

You have mastered evocation.

You have mastered divination.

You have mastered soul travel.

You are one of the most powerful sorcerers who have ever lived.

You are omnipotent.

You are omniscient.

You are omnipresent.

You manifest any kind of spirit physically with ease.

You manifest any kind of demon physically with ease.

You manifest any kind of angel physically with ease.

Every spell you cast works and causes powerful and verifiable effects and result.

You have reached the 18th Flame of the O.A.A.

You are a master of sorcery.

You are a master of the occult arts. 

You are respected and known for your fantastic occult powers.

You have mastered every magickal pathworking.

You have mastered every form of occult ritual.

The ancient gods favor you.

Legions of spirits obey you.

Legions of demons obey you.

Legions of angels obey you.

Legions of demons protect you.

You understand all the secrets of any grimoire with ease.

The ancient gods give you their secrets.

All demons fulfill your requests.

All angels fulfill your requests.

All spirits fulfill your requests.

You control all spiritual currents.

Demons work in your favor.

Angels work in your favor.

Spirits work in your favor.

You are a genius of the occult arts and sciences.

You communicate with the spirit world with enormous clarity.

You hear  the spirit world with enormous clarity.

You see the spirit world with enormous clarity.

Your life is filled with occult phenomena.

People recognize your occult powers.

Magick is natural for you.

You are recognized for your knowledge and understanding of magick and the occult.


And the same affirmations with an ´´I am prefix´´ as usual.

Thank you very much.

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