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Superhuman Intelligence - Limitless brain power


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all limiting beliefs have left you

your concentration and memory are in peak condition

you are a super genius

you learn anything at maximum speed,now and forever

you reroute your neural networks for maximum intelligence

your creativity and imagination are unlimited

My IQ is improving daily(*added with light's suggestion)

your brain operates at peak capacity and efficiency

your mental agility is super strong

you facilitate the instant recall of information your conscious mind seeks

new ideas,thoughts and information flows through you easily,naturally and endlessly

you have incredibly wise and insightful

you are expanding your mind way beyond its current limit

you are able to perceive,understand and wisely use you intuition

you have a superior autobiographical memory

your intuitive intelligence is growing stronger

you create innovative ideas and inventions

you are developing to your ultimate intellectual potential

you have god like intelligence

you possess a vast amount of information and knowledge on all things

you possess incredible wisdom and intelligence

you can interpret advanced concepts of math and science without prior learning

you can invent scientifically complex gadgets and machinery

you demonstrate mind blowing level of perspectiveness and efficiency in everything you do

you can immediately conceive complex formulas and models

your mind is capable of carrying out multiple calculations and thought processes at once

your brain operates like a hyper computer,processing unlimited amounts of information

you have limitless IQ and intellectual capacity

you are a skilled computer programmer,designer,innovator 



Fine tune as needed.

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1. William James Sidis (IQ Level- 250-300)


Sidis had exceptional mathematical abilities. At 6, he went to a grammar school and in 7 months he had graduated. He attended Harvard at the age of 11 and mastered over 40 languages. He was threatened by some fellow students in Harvard so his parents assigned him on a teaching job in Texas. But soon he left the job and started concentrating on a political career.

Found this, thought it might be of some interest.


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Hey guys. Just a suggestion. Instead of saying "My IQ is 300", maybe say -


My IQ is improving daily. or Every day, I am getting smarter and smarter. 


Here's why - When you affirm that your IQ is 300, you'll have skipped a lot of steps in between. 


Think of it in Pickup terms. At first the guy is nervous, wants to approach, barely does it. Later, he gets better. Eventually, he gets to the point where approaching is UNNECESSARY, BECAUSE HE IS PICKUP. HE IS SUPERMAN JERRYMP, AND NO LONGER LEVEL 1 JERRY MP.


On your way, you learn lessons, and that is why the end result makes sense. 


I am saying this cause I experimented with it myself. So I attempted to run the Love God Hypnosis, where the guy can get any woman. However, I have no idea what that looks like so my dick was HORNY ALL DAY LONG AND I HAD NO IDEA ON HOW TO ACTUALLY GET THE WOMAN. That is why it needs to come step by step. Everything's a process. Even if it does work temporarily, you'll forget it when you're off the Hypnosis. Why? Because you never learned the lessons that come in between that. You don't walk before you learn to crawl, do you? Same thing. So focus on the process of getting smarter, or stronger, or more attractive. Whatever it is you wanna do. 

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Every bump speeds the process of this becoming the next video!


Not exactly. The video creation process is based on the request date AND the number of requests previously fulfilled by the requester.


Those with less requests get first dibs, then between folks with the same number of requests the request date is chosen.

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