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Hello George and everyone that has a part of this form. I have been using George's products for a few months now and I haven't seen any changes. I've done everything that he told me to do and still no changes.I tried his new 256 voices and still no changes. I have visualized and what I wanted to happen as I dozed off to sleep still no changes. Is there a possibility that when I'm sleeping and listening to these audios that there's a disconnection between my subconscious and I? I find it very strange that everyone else is having good results from the audios but not myself. I used to listen to the audios faithfully every night from October till the ending of December but now I'm slowly starting to lose faith and determination in using the audios. I'm not saying the audios are bad because I'm getting a lot of great sleep while I'm listening to them but I'm not getting any results from what I'm listening to and it's starting to get a little frustrating I will admit. Any ideas?

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You have to LOOK for results. They won't come to you. Now, for some people, the audios change their beliefs and their beliefs help them to see what's already there which is giving them proof of their achievement. But sometimes you've got to prime the pump a little bit.


What SPECIFIC changes are you looking for?


If the changes you'd like aren't specific, they will never happen. Choose something small and specific, create a very specific intention with a clear picture of what you want, with YOU at the center, behaving in a way that YOU want to behave, in order to get the results YOU want.


Hypnosis or not, 256 voices or not, to get what you want you have to interact with reality. It can seem like magic to some if their behavior automatically changes, and they don't "feel" like they are doing anything different, but are getting different results.


Choose something specific that you'd like to do, but somehow can't. Then visualize being able to DO THAT while listening. Hold that thought as long as possible. Focus on one issue until you see results before moving on. Stick with one audio if you can for a week or so, focusing on the same activity or behavior or outcome.


The three components are:


1) A specific desire


2) A clear picture of that desire


3) An active search for proof

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