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I'm starting a new journal for Love Hypnosis. Which I've purchased several weeks ago.  

My goals:

Ideally I'd like to become more lovable and warm as a person, less cold and intimidating.

I'd also like to have more control in my love life, by creating and fostering healthy situations.

I'm attractive girl but I've really struggled with my love life badly.  I feel my looks have really hampered me from finding true love & finding someone who genuinely likes me for me, not my face, body or sexual talents.  

I'm also bisexual; so I'm hoping this will help me attract women and men - as I like to keep my options open.



I've been listening to the subliminals for about 2 wks & 1/2 now and I've seen some faint results.  I do use pheromones in my work place as well, so I'm not completely sure if this is just the hypnosis but I have a feeling it's a combo of both.

One of my bosses recently started staring at me like crazy and following me around everywhere. He developed a small obsession, so I had to report him to HR. Now he pretty much despises me but this is obsession seemed to start right around when I started listening to the love hypno sessions nightly.

I'm currently casually talking to a man I met on a dating site, who seems to be incredibly drawn to me. We've haven't met in person yet, we've just chatted on the phone and via text. We are planning to go on a first date as soon as our busy work schedules allow. I'll be curious to see how things develop from there.

I haven't really had any hits from women yet unfortunately.

I'm not sure what I am hoping for from the love hypno sessions. Maybe I thought it would make men or women fall in love with me instantly, which is silly but I am seeing small results. 

Let's see what the future holds.



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