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speak posh English, posh Londoner type accent


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I do speak English professionally and before this use to sound a bit common, however having worked with professionals in a professional job that all has changed.

My accent has improved a lot however I would love to sound naturally more classy when I talk and for it just become natural.


in this day and age it is also common to use rude and swear words like 'shi* and fu*k', I would like it of I loose these habits.


In terms of speaking posh english to also use more sophisticated, big, intellectual and posh dictionary english words when speaking.

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I live in the UK (in London too) but I'm not British by birth and grew up elsewhere. 

I like my accent but sometimes English people struggle to understand me.  So I too am interested to see what will happen for me with this. Cos sometimes, even using the phonetic alphabet isn't enough - even though English is my mother tongue!!! 

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