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high value women


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please would create a audio for high value women.


I would like to get into a serious relationship and wish I could meet someone I find physically attractive as well as personality. Not being big headed here I am considered very attractive but am not seeming to meet guys who I find attractive to have mutual interest. I would say looks wise these guy are compatible for me, however I mostly get the guys I don't find attractive approaching me.


Also I feel if a guy who I like the look of does show interest in me I get too excited and may be give it away and he loses interest, or I'm to obvious but he still looses interest.


I want to be a high value women, who is nonchalant, who knows when or how to reply to a text message, who does not get excited until the guy has proved to he is worth it, I want to be able to banter with guys and intrigue them via text, verbal and face to face.


I want to keep my high standards and not drop them when a guy I find attractive comes along.


I really want to attract guys of my type to me. Tall, nice physic, fair complexioned, attractive, full set of hair, young looking.


to be honest I am looking for a serious relationship for marriage not for fun...I go to events and speed dates but not had any luck.

I want to be good at these speed dates make good short conversation to attract the other party. 

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The vids are created according to the following criteria:


1) The date of the request


2) The number of requests already fulfilled by the requester.


So for example, since you've already had three fulfilled, those that have two or less will be ahead of you on the "list."


As far as when, it depends, if new members keep requesting, then I'll get to them first.


We have many members making many requests (some members with 10+ requests posted) and I can only do one per day.

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Well, when you get around to it, I would love this too.  

I know it will take time and yet I believe it will be worth the wait.

I have the same problem, but only with guys who are my very specific type.  I tend to let them walk all over me, treat me like crap & that's often

combined with saying or doing really stupid things that push them away. 

You know what btw? Guys talk about "shit tests" in some cases we are NOT shit testing you we are just feeling a little insecure and intimidated by you because we actually really like you SO much & get scared to lose you.  We're not crazy.  We're not being a bitch.  We just want to melt your heart and we're just trying to figure out how.  And failing!

Anyway, I digress!  

So yes I have the same problem but it's not even with handsome men or even wealthy men but it's only with men who look exactly like the specific type (and he could be any ethnicity/race any country btw) that I have strongly preferred my whole life.

And I keep feeling like I HAVE to have the last word and try to get him to realize how cool I am & yet with other guys my God I am SO CHILL so relaxed well I get dating anxiety but NOTHING like this!

I am GREAT with other guys but when guys who look like my ideal come along I mess it up and i want to stop doing that! 

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