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The Peanut Butter Pause Pattern


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Here's a cool party trick you can try.

It's easy and can get you some pretty quick positive results.

It does require you do this with friends, or people you feel at least a little bit comfortable with.

Anyhow, here's the trick.

Talk about something that happened to you recently.

A regular, average story.

Nothing spectacular.

In fact, the more boring the better.

For example, talk about how you made a peanut butter sandwich.

First, figure out how you'd describe it normally.

"Yesterday I was hungry. So I went into the kitchen but couldn't find anything to eat so I made a peanut butter sandwich."

If you said like normally, it would BARELY be interesting enough hold their attention.

But the trick involves changing HOW you say it.

By putting in pauses where people don't expect them.

AND adding some really goofy "energy" on certain words.

So the same simple sentence can be:

"Yesterday I was...

....HUNGRY. So I went into the...

...kitchen but I couldn't find anything to eat so I.....

...made a peanut butter...


Where the ... are you put a pause.

A long pause.

And the bolded words are said with a goofy kind of energy.

And during the long pause, you imagine your a telling some epic adventure, and the pauses are the cliffhanger parts.

And if you can, during the pauses, make your eyes wide, flashing them with crazy energy.

Yes, this is very silly.

Which is why doing this with strangers is not recommended.

But friends will be TRANSFIXED while you say this.

Particularly on the pauses.

The pauses are placed BETWEEN subject and predicate.

Or verb and object.

Where we DON'T expect them.

Human brains tend to think of subject-predicates as kind of single thoughts.

So when speaking, we tend speak like this:

thought1 ... thought2... etc.

But the above is like this:

first half of thought1...

....second half of thought1.

In the middle, their brains will be kind of FROZEN.

Now, this exercise won't do anything other than put a little bit of goofy brain humor inside an otherwise normal sentence.

But it will show you how SIMPLE it is to control the brains of others.

When most people talk, they are essentially taking turns tossing out different ideas.

People take turns tossing out random ideas, most of which are not so interesting.

Occasionally this will turn into a full fledged idea contest.

But the deeper structure is our standing within any social group is based on the quality of our ideas.

At least this is the general belief.

But with the peanut butter pause technique, you'll teach yourself a very important lesson.

That dominating any crowd really has very LITTLE to do with your ideas.

And much more to do with the STRENGTH of your inner frame.

Build up your inner frame, and dominate any crowd with even the simplest ideas.

Learn How:


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