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There's something in economics they call "excess capacity."

Like if the economy is booming, and everybody is building.

Say you built a bowling ball factory during the booming economy.

This isn't as silly a metaphor as you might think.

One of the things that boomed during the post WWII boom were bowling alleys.

And when the economy is growing it makes sense to keep building.

But when the economy shrinks, it's kind of hard shift on a dime.

So, suppose your bowling ball factory is capable of producing 1,000,000 bowling balls per day.

But as demand slows down, you produce less.

And suppose you're now only producing 250,000 bowling balls per day.

All that extra equipment that you're NOT using is what they meany by "excess capacity."

And modern humans have a lot of excess capacity in our brains.

We have the same brains, intellect, creativity we've had for a couple hundred thousand years.

And up until very recently, we NEEDED all that creativity to NOT DIE.

Life was harsh.

Our brains were our best attribute.

Scheming against animals, our environment, other humans, that was a LIFE OR DEATH scenario.

Today, everything we need is pretty easy.

It doesn't seem like that, but that stuff that KILLED US back then doesn't exist.

Nobody needs to worry about starving to death.

Nobody needs to worry about hungry bear coming into your bedroom at night and eating you.

So our brains, or creativity, our imaginations have TONS of "excess capacity."

Most of us use this to watch movies, play video games, etc.

Or WORSE pay attention to all the nonsense on social media.

But even more troublesome is how much we use our fast ninja brains to spin circles around ourselves.

Go into any social situation and our brains are going CRAZY.

This is kind of what Mark Twain meant when he said:

"90% of my worst fears never came true."

Most of the things we fear are a product of our over-active imaginations.

"Over Active" isn't the best description.

Our brains are ALWAYS thinking.

So it's not that they are TOO active.

But our brains are active in the wrong direction.

Back in the day it was easy.

Danger, hunger, competition, was ALWAYS there.

Back in the day, there was a close match between our fears and the stuff that might actually kill us.

Today, not so much.

No worries, because that only needs a bit of recalibration.

To use your brain powers to slowly re-build an inner core.

One that will be much more efficient, and DEADLY in the modern world.

Deadly, of course, being metaphorical.

Not killing bears or enemies.

But killing inner fears, inhibitions, anxieties and all obstacles.

Get Started:


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