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Inner Foundations Of Outer Power


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Human brains are incredibly fast.

Our brains are capable of AMAZING expressions, thoughts, beliefs and creativity.

Unfortunately, most of us use the bulk of our brain power on internal dialogue.

Some of this is instinctive.

Like when you have a dialogue with yourself before doing something dangerous.

If you get a good outcome, you'll be the hero and get the rock star treatment.

The action itself it simple.

But to build up the courage, you need a lot of "self pumping up."

But his can swirl in the other direction.

Like a hurricane that might or might not land ashore.

Most of our self-talk is protective, which is a good thing.

But the stuff we are protecting ourselves from is WAY less real than when our genius self talking brains were calibrated.

Before, we needed to do literally dangerous things.

Today, most of the dangers are imagined.

We imagine talking to somebody, or speaking up in meeting, or making some kind of request or complaint.

But then our lightning fast and super genius brains swirl around in an internal typhoon.

Imagining tons of good and tons of bad outcomes.

This uses a TON of processing power.

Which makes normal thinking much more sluggish.

There's a common theme deep beneath this thought process.

We all have a terrible fear of negative social attention.

It's like everybody has X-Ray vision into our souls.

This fear of being "discovered" pops up in a LOT of places.

We don't say what want to say.

We don't ask for what we want to ask for.

This is why it's been said (and is generally true) that most humans live lives of "quiet desperation."

We KNOW we are capable of doing and getting much more than we have been.

And it's very EASY (and probably instinctive) to blame things outside of ourselves.

At the same time, we WISH we could express who we REALLY are.

We WISH we could speak our minds UNENCUMBERED by false fears.

Those that do, get MASSIVE rewards.

And they make it seem so easy.

There are TONS of metaphors as old as time that describe this.

That what we fear simply does not exist.

And once we step toward these fears, they vanish.

And those who demonstrate this make it look so easy.

To say "hey" to pretty people.

To make suggestions in a meeting.

To hold their ground calmly in an argument, and eventually come out ahead.

How can YOU be more like that?

How can you FEARLESSLY express your opinions, and more importantly, yourself?

It's not a trick or magic or simply muscling up and doing it.

It's understanding the STRUCTURE of our inner world, our inner selves, and how they SUPPORT (or don't support) our outer expressions.

Build the strong foundation, and the outside is easy.

Slowly, steadily, comfortably.

Learn How:


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