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The Anti Witch Inoculation Strategy


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Of of the most baffling things in American History were the Salem Witch Trials.

A small town of settlers in the late 1600's suddenly went crazy.

Everybody was accusing everybody else of being witches.

19 people were killed for being witches.

As far as researchers and historians can tell, this was a weird mix of church ideology, different land ownership ideas, family X vs. family Y, and no real "authority" to keep people from eating each other.

Add in a few hysterical young adolescent types, feeling the natural sexual feelings that comes with puberty and young adulthood, and pretty soon some literally CRAZY ideas start swirling around.

As soon as everybody has the idea in their head that THEY might be KILLED for any random reason, something very sinister happens.

Since everybody believes that it's LIKELY they might be killed, since a few others have been killed without any real reason, self preservation takes over.

And everybody else is competing with everybody else to convince everybody else to kill the OTHER guy.

Imagine, for example, you've got at teenager who suspects the adults are looking at her funny.

And she believes she's just one wrong accusation away from getting a noose slipped around her neck.

What is the RATIONAL human thing to do in this situation?

Come up with a logical, rational, carefully laid out argument about WHY you are NOT a witch?


Find somebody else to shift everybody's attention.

And all you need is a couple others who feel the same way YOU do, and EVERYBODY will pile on.

This is, from a structural level, the SAME things that happen in school bullying.

Particularly when the teacher or administration is too "scared" to take action.

All you need is two or three bullies to terrify everybody.

The "hive mind" will choose the weakest kids.

Not because they want to hurt the weakest kids, rather they want the bullies to focus on the weakest kids rather than them.

The Salem Witch trials were essentially a Junior High School bullying scenario writ large.

This is how powerful NEGATIVE social proof is.

If it swirls into a negative feedback loop, it is LITERALLY deadly.

Either with a bunch of executed "witches" or with bullied kids killing themselves.

Social proof is far from a clever marketing gimmick.

It is perhaps THE most powerful force of human nature.

Most people do EVERYTHING they can to avoid NEGATIVE social proof.

To blend in, to avoid speaking out on any controversial topics, or calling attention to themselves.

But social proof is as much of an INSIDE game as it is a real thing.

Which means you can MANAGE your own level of social proof.

Most people treat things like social proof as if they were weather systems.

Completely out of their control.

But you can slowly build your OWN social proof.

First in mind.

Then in your behavior.

Then how you slowly and covertly imply social proof within normal conversations.

So you don't have to hope or wish or avoid.

You can create, and enjoy.

Enjoy what?

Enjoy everybody enjoying you.

Learn How:


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