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There are really only two ways to become successful.

Consciously and unconsciously.

Sounds like some goofy reframe, I know.

But most people who are successful are lucky.

But not in the way that most people think.

Most people imagine success as one lucky "thing."

Come up with one idea, invention, etc.

But it's not really that way.

For example, imagine there are 10,000,000 people all flipping coins.

Some national contest or something.

And the contest is to see who can get the most heads in a row.

So they all flip.

First, there's ten million.

Then five million (one head).

Then 2.5 million (two heads).

Then 1.25 million (three heads).

Then 625,000 (four heads).

Then 312,500 (five heads).

Then 156,250 (six heads).

Then 78,125 (seven heads).

Then 39,000 (eight heads).

Then 19,500 (nine heads).

Then 9,700 (ten heads).

Then 4,800 (eleven heads).

Then 2,440 (twelve heads).

Then 1,220 (thirteen heads).

Then 650 (fourteen heads).

Then 325 (fifteen heads).

Then 165 (sixteen heads).

Then 82 (seventeen heads).

Then 41 (eighteen heads).

Then 20 (nineteen heads).

Then 10 (twenty heads).

Then 5 (twenty one heads).

Then 2 (twenty two heads).

Then 1 final winner.

A winner who had flipped twenty three heads in a row.

Do this "experiment" a kajillion times, starting with ten million people, and you'll get the same result every time.

Now, here's the question.

Do you think that lucky coin tosser would think it was ONLY luck each toss?

Not likely.

They probably prayed to the coin gods.

Or said their favorite law of attraction chant, or something.

This is the human ego.

Of taking credit for RANDOM things.

This is the LUCK that drives most success.

A random string of events, just like twenty RANDOM coin tosses.

So yes, it is very LIKELY that most success is people just kind of stumbling through life, getting lucky, and then taking credit for that luck.

But since life is much more complex that tossing coins, not only do lucky person believes they "skilled", but so does everybody around them.

But what about the OTHER kind of success?

The conscious kind?

Think about this.

One thing that SIGNIFICANTLY helps the lucky people stay lucky is they REMEMBER their lucky past.

But they don't remember it as being lucky.

They remember them as CHOOSING their success.

So even if they are WRONG with how they reference their memories, they'll be demonstrating SUCCESSFUL body language and communication and confidence.

That means YOU can do the same.

Just pick and choose all the successful memories from your past, whatever they are, and you'll have the SAME effect.

Lucky people go through life and their subconscious memories support their self-described success.

YOU go through life, and your carefully and deliberately enhanced memories will support YOUR self-defined success.

And from the outside?

Nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Learn How:


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