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Our future is a reflection of our past.

Meaning the stuff we've continued to do, is the stuff we will continue to do.

Most of us hope to change, but if we're honest, we don't assume full responsibility for this change.

We expect SOMETHING to change.

And that something is generally the world.

If you listen most people complain about most things, we tend to blame others for our problems.

So we naturally expect our problems to vanish by OTHER PEOPLE suddenly deciding to change their behavior.

In fact, this is the CORE structure of everybody's, even the most famous intellectual's, strategy to change the world.

Some have some very beautiful ideas.

They sound really good.

But at their core, the problem lies in OTHER PEOPLE suddenly changing their behavior.

They hide this idea very well.

They rarely say that "those other people" are doing it wrong.

At least the intellectuals.

Politicians are very keen on saying "those other people."

But intellectuals tend to use "we."

"We need to do a better job of doing X,Y,and Z."

What they really means is "those other people who aren't behaving the way I think they should behave SHOULD do a better job of X,Y, and Z."

This SOUNDS good.

This FEELS good.

But it doesn't really change ANYTHING.

On a group level, or on a persona level.

Even worse is if you start to BELIEVE it's really not your "fault."

That it really IS somebody else's responsibility.

This is a comfortable idea.

This is a very POPULAR idea.

But if you choose what is POPULAR, you will have plenty of company.

In fact, this is everybody's GO TO strategy.

To BE as average as possible.

Most people would rather be smack dab in the middle of a "poor me" party than actually suck it up and MAKE changes.

Rather than WISHING others would do it for you, why not just do it?

Rather than accepting popular excuses, you will BECOME a popular leader.

How do you do this?

First, by accepting that statement, your future is a reflection of your past.

But not just nodding and saying, "Yeah, man that's true."

To look at that statement.

And to look inside your brain.

Because you CAN change your past.

Not with a time machine or a jumping into a parallel universe.

But by changing how you DETERMINE your past.

Your past, as you think about it in mind, is the past that creates your future.

And that past, that is referenced in mind, CAN be changed.

Slowly, steadily, and SAFELY.

Nobody needs to know but you.

At least nobody knows what you're doing inside you brain.

But they WILL notice changes in your behavior.

More confidence, more authority, and more natural leadership.

This will change your filters, so you start to SEE things others don't.

You'll be able to DO things others can't.

And that's just the beginning.

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