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If Operators Are Busy Please Call Again


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Marketers are very clever people.

At least some of them are.

The ones that truly understand human nature.

One of my favorite examples is way back in the day, when they had TV commercials.

These were the proto-type infomercials.

Before the informercials highly choreographed.

When they should show some product, explain a few benefits and then you'd "call the number on your screen."

The very first time they tried this, they said:

"Call now, operators are standing by."

Nobody called.

The person who wrote the script and the "call to action" wasn't a marketer.

They were more of a "guesser" about human nature.

But since nobody called, they had to bring some pros.

They only changed one line.

They left the product description, features and benefits, etc., alone.

All they did was change:

"Call now, operators are standing by"


"If operators are busy, please call again."


Tons of sales.

The first one "operators are standing by" conjures up an imagine of a bunch of operators WAITING for somebody to call.

If they are waiting for somebody to call, that means NOBODY is calling.

Nobody calling = ZERO social proof.

On the other hand, "if operators are busy, please call again," means PLENTY of people are calling.

Maximum social proof.

And the thing about social proof is that it often doesn't exist in a vacuum.

If operators are busy, that means tons of people are calling.

If tons of people are calling, not only does this MEAN social proof but it also IMPLIES scarcity.

And fast on the heels of social proof AND scarcity is FOMO.

Fear of missing out.

The most motivating force of human nature.

FOMO is the cause of ridiculous stock bubbles.

Buying frenzies of things people don't even know.

Only if they wait too long, they'll miss out.

These means everybody else will have one, except for THEM.

Even if you have NO IDEA what it is that everybody else haves, this is NOT a good feeling.

If you can create social proof and scarcity, and enough so it generates FOMO, you can sell anything.

But the best thing to associate social proof, and the implied scarcity is too YOURSELF.

Most people today are super NINJAS when doing the opposite.

Most people are desperate for pretty much anything.

Blowing up anybody's phone, for example, will DESTROY scarcity, which has the follow up feeling of ZERO social proof.

"Hmm, this person has been blowing up my phone for days. Not only must they be desperate, but they must have ZERO other options."

This is the LEAST attractive label anybody can give you.

How do you create the opposite?

Especially if you are starting from ZERO?

Three simple steps.

First in your mind.

Then in your language.

Then in reality, and after that comes all the benefits.

Learn How:


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