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The Re-Used Towel Popularity Pattern


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Once upon a time, a hotel had a problem.

They weren't getting through to their customers.

They were in an area that had a lot of drought.

And if you've ever stayed in a hotel, particularly a nice one, having the people come in ever day and clean is pretty nice.

They come in, make up the bed, put in clean towels.

The problem was that during the drought, the city was charging a LOT for water.

The hotel figured if they could get the hotel guests to re-use their towels, just like most people do at home, they'd save a lot of money.

For example, say you've got 100 guests.

And each guest expects a fresh towel ever day.

It takes a lot of water to wash 100 towels.

So, if they could convince the guests to re-use their towels, once, or even twice, that would save a lot of water, and a lot of money.

So they started putting small reminders in the hotel.

"Please re-use your towels to save water."

Didn't work.

So they tried again.

"Please re-use your towels to help protect the environment."


Then they called in some marketing experts.

"Did you know that over 80% of guests re-use their towels to help save water, and the environment?"


Now, why did this last statement work?

Particularly when the rest didn't?

All the previous pleas were kind of private conversation.

Hotel and guest.

But then added that one extra bit.

"Over 80% of guests do this, why don't you?"

This added in social proof.

We humans are very keen on staying safely within the pack.

Look for this, and you'll find it everywhere.

Any product that has social proof will sell like hotcakes.

Get ENOUGH social proof, and you can sell sacks of dirt.

Sounds goofy?

When I was a kid, people were buying little rocks.

Except they called them "pet rocks."

You bought a rock.

It came in a box.

It had a name and a backstory.

Why would people buy rocks?

Because it was popular.

Everybody was doing it.

And everybody wants to do what everybody else is doing.

This also works, as you'd guess, in social situations.

You show up anywhere with a crew of pretty people and EVERYBODY is going to want some of you.

Show up on your own, and people won't even notice you.

This CAN be a problem if you don't happen to have a crew of pretty people.

But here's the thing.

Like in this hotel cards, social proof can be essentially created out of nothing.

One card with a bunch of words doesn't do squat.

One card with different words that CREATE THE ILLUSION of social proof convince people to re-use their towels.

Can you use this socially?

To get EVERYBODY to want to be on your team even if you show up alone?

Why yes, yes you can.

Learn How:


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