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Most kids like treasure hunts of one kind or another.

Most kids are told or read stories of buried treasure.

Usually involving pirates.

They steal a bunch of stuff, hide it on some uncharted island so they can come back and get it later.

The idea of a secret stash is pretty common.

The entire existence of the Swedish banking system is centered around hidden money.

Accounts with only names, not numbers.

One funny scene from "The Wolf of Wall Street," was when he and his friends were smuggling money out of the U.S. and into Sweden, so they could hide in it a Swiss bank.

They had all these stacks of cash duct taped to their bodies.

One interesting idea about humans is we have a secret reserve of physical strength.

Like lifting up cars from children to being able to survive in very, very harsh conditions far longer than we think.

Or even doing crazy things like cutting off our own arms with pocket knives, like people have done.

When our ancient brains believe we are about to die, and switch into "survival" mode, we'll do incredible things.

We also have a very deep belief that there is some kind of "greatness" within us.

We all have a very vague, very deep, but very strong belief that there is this vast, untapped potential within us.

At the same time, we all believe we have this deep "brokenness" that we are terrified others will find.

This great ambition is generally thought to drive our actions.

To achieve something magnificent.

To show what we are a made of.

Very much like Muhammad Ali's famous quote, "I'm going to show you how great I am."

But when it comes to speaking, it seems to be the opposite.

We fear that others can somehow see our greatest weakness conversationally.

That if we express ourselves verbally, it will somehow demonstrate evidence of this great inner weakness.

But when it comes to demonstrating our great strength, we feel the need to show, like Ali mentioned.

But what if you could flip this script?

Not once, but twice?

To speak to others verbally that would elicit their feelings of greatness?

Since we all expect first conversations to be very dangerous, imagine what impact this would have on others.

To stroll up, and just within a few back and forth, easy statements, wake up their BEST parts of themselves?

And even better, JUST as are starting to feel really good, split.

Why split?

If you leave on a high note, with them feeling maximum pleasure, they will be DESPERATE to see you again.

And that deep desire, to see you again, will spin round and round in their brain.

Even better, suppose you could do this to EVERYBODY you spoke to?

Creating an ARMY of people out there DESPERATE to see you again.

What would THAT do for you?

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