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Get Them Desperate To Know You


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Imagine two or three of your best traits.

Your absolutely most attractive characteristics.

Not ones that exist, but ones that could exist.

Ones that aren't exactly fantasy (Like being able to fly), but things you genuinely like about yourself.

Things you'd also very much like to IMPROVE about yourself.

Like you are really friendly.

Or you've got a great sense of humor.

Or even a non-personality trait.

Like something you really like to study or learn.

(not video game hacks!)

Even something you haven't even started yet, but would really LIKE to be able to master.

A hobby, a sport, an instrument, a skill.

Now imagine having a couple of traits, or desires, in some kind of a social situation.

And you see somebody across the room.

And you would very much like to walk over and tell them about yourself.

Or perhaps even deeper, not needing any kind of "communication" intermediary.

You look at them, and your eyes meet, you both kind of smile awkwardly, and break off eye contact.

And you are suddenly hit by a deep knowing.

That if they only KNEW those things about you, it would work.

If there was somehow you could convey these deep dreams and desires that you have for your life and yourself.

That if there was some way they KNEW these things about you, not just superficially, but deeply.

A powerful emotional connection.

As if they could see your soul, appreciate your soul, and CHERISH your soul.

What of life would have if you could have this "self-identity transmission process"?

Meaning you could somehow convey these things about you, to them.

Not through your words, as words are kind of clunky.

Things that exist in our brains are far to hard to express with mere words.

At least words from the brain of one human to another human in a first meeting within a social setting.

But what if you could play some kind of long game?

What if you could speak to them in a way that would make THEM desperate to find out about YOU?

And through this filter, of them wanting to know VERY MUCH what makes you tick, they would much more likely to accept and appreciate those deep things about you.

And because they genuinely wanted to know these things, they wouldn't put you on the spot.

Not give you only a minute to spit out your best thoughts of yourself.

But they would be patient and considerate to help you get those ideas out of your head.

Because they are extremely interested in everything there is to know about you.

What would THIS do for your social life?

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