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One of the most sought after experiences among competitive athletes is the flow state.

Musicians and other performers experience this on a different level.

The flow state is when you are operating at a very high level of competence, but you are unconscious.

Not in a trance, (or passed out) but you are flowing without needing your conscious brain.

Most of us experience the flow state while doing more mundane things like doing laundry and making grilled cheeses.

These are things that are learned skills.

Learned to the point of unconscious competence.

Meaning we can do them without our brains.

But for pros, whose careers require they practice for hours a day, they do this with HIGHLY trained skills.

Not only highly trained skills, but highly trained skills used in a competitive environment.

When your making a burrito or folding your clothes, the burrito ingredients or your unfolded clothes just sit there.

They aren't fighting against you.

But in a competitive sport, you have ZERO idea what the other guy is going to do.

So when you reach a flow state in this environment, it's like magic.

A continuous unfolding of uncertainty, the mathematics of which are too complex to solve even with the most powerful supercomputers.

Yet here's our ancient monkey-brain, flowing like a dream.

This is a bit different for performance arts.

For performing, it's more like folding your clothes.

Meaning there isn't anybody in your face trying to mess you up.

Sometimes the opposite.

If it's appropriate, and the audience is watching, you can use their energy to enhance your performance.

And since this is unexpected, it's very much a flow state.

A friend of mine did this while on stage.

He was in a play that he'd practiced a kajillion times.

But one night, when he was about to drop a "punchline," he broke a cardinal rule of acting.

That is to NEVER beak the fourth wall.

Breaking the fourth wall means looking DIRECTLY at the audience, or the camera.

He said he didn't know WHY he did it.

He just felt it, in the moment, spontaneously within the flow state.

Instead of looking at his partner, he calmly turned directly to the audience and said it.

And EVERYBODY, even the director, said it was PERFECT.

Something you can never predict or even explain.

You just gotta feel it.

There is a way to CREATE this feeling in others.


The natural FLOW state.

Where one idea simply slides right into the next.

All they need to do is follow your words.

And they can passively enjoy one of the most sought after human experiences.


Learn How:


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