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Amino acids are pretty cool.

DNA and amino acids work together to build protein.

Your body is made up of protein.

Whoever invented this system was pretty smart.

Your DNA unravels, and creates a kind of "mini-factory" for the amino acids to come down and link together.

As the individual amino acids link together according to that tiny section of unraveled DNA, they build proteins.

Proteins make up everything about you.

Your eyes, your brain, and all the memories included in your brain.

Of course, your memories, and your abilities to understand these words and think about them, is based on how your neurons fire in a complex sequence, or matrix.

Nobody really knows how this works.

DNA makes proteins by linking up the right amino acids in the right order.

Many of those proteins make up you brain.

Your brain is an "idea chamber" that holds thoughts, and ideas.

But even the metaphorical ideas and emotions follow a certain kind of logic.

For example, certain chord progressions create certain emotional feelings.

We think of emotions as these indescribable things.

Almost like magic.

Yet a talented musician can string together the perfect notes, or combinations of sound vibrations, to create the perfect emotion.

The ancient cult of Pythagoras figured this out, experimentally.

Next time you see a piano, put your three fingers on three notes.

The middle C, which is the white key just to the left of the two black keys.

Then put another finger on the E, which is the white key just to the right of the two black keys.

Then skip another white key, to the right, and put the third finger on the G.

This is a major chord.

Three notes played together.

The Pythagoreans would take three pieces of string.

Length one = X.

Length two = 3X

Length three = 5X

Pluck them all together, and you get a pleasing sound.

Just like the C major chord.

Sound vibrations created by mathematically precise string lengths.

That creates and indescribable yet pleasing emotions.

Outside sounds and words and images tend to do this.

We humans CRAVE these emotions.

Not static emotions.

But emotional flow.

Flows of words, flows of music, flows of imagines and sounds in a play or a movie.

Learn to speak the language of emotional flow, and people's brains will turn off as soon as you start speaking.

Build yourself a time machine, and a universal translator, and pop back into any society, past, present or future.

And you'll find structures that were designed for one thing.

One person to speak, or sing, or act, and create those wonderful flows of emotions.

And as many people to sit, and listen, or watch, and enjoy.

Learn the language.

Be the speaker.

Move minds, move hearts, move souls.

Anywhere you want.

Learn How:


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