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I saw a really cool movie the other night.

It was a very well calibrated sequence of plot twists.

Three main characters.

A fake psychic, his manager and audience plant, and a criminal who believed the fake psychic was a real psychic.

A simple setup, and then plot twist after plot twist.

And because each plot twist was well calibrated, they were very believable.

A very nice ride.

Other movies don't have ANY plot twists.

A few reveals in the beginning, then essentially a race.

Other movies start out strong, a few well paced and well calibrated plot twists, reveals and character developments.

But then they crash and burn.

Humans have been telling each other stories since the dawn of time.

Since before time, if you consider time as a human invention, or at least the measurement.

And if you consider our storytelling and story-listening brain a kind of support function, it's easy to see why we like plot twists.

Hero's, archetypes, gods, monsters, etc. serve as imaginary "role models."

And we humans, in our ancient ancestry, are not strangers to unexpected calamity, NEED those in our stories.

If we are going on an epic hunting trip against a big, potentially delicious, but potentially deadly wooly mammoth, it's not unexpected to lose a few people.

So the stories and heroes we keep in our brains also need to have unexpected tragedies.

The Greeks figured this out when they stared making epic tragedies and the idea of catharsis.

It's HELPFUL for us humans to be watching a story, and then suddenly get emotionally sucker punched.

A recent study of a few hundred thousand modern fiction showed that this good-bad sequence of events is EVERYWHERE.

So when you come across a very WELL calibrated sequence of emotionally rich story elements it feels good.

Particularly when everything turns out OK.

Because we KNOW we will face unexpected calamity.

And we very much WANT to believe we'll turn out OK.

If you look, you'll find this structure everywhere.

A sequence of emotions, oscillating between good, not so good, good, unexpectedly tragic, recovery, disaster, triumph, etc.

Music, movies, TV shows, video games, EVERYWHERE.

The best sales pages are very much like the best movies.

They hook you in, take you on a while ride, and you get a feeling of release at the end.

This is the structure of human thought.

The IDEAL sequence of events, good, bad, good, bad, triumph.

Learn to speak like this, and be a walking magician.

A word wizard that can speak to their deeper emotions, and move them to profound understandings.

Of you, them, and everything else.

Learn How:


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