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Leave Victimhood Behind And Become An Operator


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One of the biggest changes in human history has to do with how we perceive time.

Way, way back in the day, if you were hungry, you had to do SOMETHING to satisfy that hunger.

And this usually meant turning another animal INTO food.

But then the agricultural revolution happened.

Humans were hunter gatherer nomads for a couple hundred thousand years.

But then within just a few thousand years, we transformed from hunters to farmers.

This FORCED us to change how we perceived time.

Instead of doing something TODAY to benefit TODAY, we had to think about the future.

Farmers do things TODAY so they'll benefit in a few months.

And if they keep this going long enough, the stuff they benefit from TODAY is stuff that they did a few months ago.

Through the long transition between hunters and farmers, we were FORCED by our environment to DELAY GRATIFICATION.

This is, perhaps, one of our most powerful traits.

If you can delay gratification, you can gain a HUGE advantage over most other humans.

Once you delay gratification, you stop using your brain to think about acting today to benefit today.

You start to naturally think about acting today to benefit tomorrow, or next week, next month or even next year.

The BETTER you can do this, the stronger your LONG GAME thinking skills will be.

And if you look at all the dudes now and historically who have built HUGE EMPIRES, either for good or for evil, one thing they all had in common was an appreciation of the LONG GAME.

This contrast, long game vs. short game finds its way into many metaphors.

Politician X is playing checkers (short game) while politician Y is playing chess (long game.).

Country X has a five year plan, but country Z has a 100 year plan.

The people to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN have very, very long game plans.

The people who watch things happen have medium game plans.

The people always wandering around confused, asking "what happened?" rarely have ANY plans.

Binge watching, thoughtless eating, wishing for easy and magical answers to complex questions.

It's no secret that the long game thinkers, the dudes in charge, wish EVERYBODY was stuck in the "what just happened?" section of society.

And if all you do is show up, and do what you're told, that's where you'll be.

On the other hand, if you can slowly ease yourself into longer and longer game thinking, and stronger and stronger skills of delayed gratification, you'll no longer be a victim.

You'll be an operator.

Creating whatever you want.

Mind follows body, and body follows mind.

Get Started:


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