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Build Your Past Before Your Future


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Why do most goals fail?

If we are honest, most goals aren't really goals.

They are wishes.

And if you combine a wish with some half hearted, or not so well thought action, it HAS to fail.


A wish is just that.

A vague idea for the future that is better than now.

Don't get me wrong.

Wishes are fantastic.

Wishing for better things IS the seed of greatness.

It's only when we misunderstand our wishes do we get into trouble.

Ideally, it might work like this.

You have a WISH for a better life.

Let's say it's about money.

So you lay awake at night imagining how that might be.

Maybe wishing or dreaming of hitting upon a new invention or business idea.

Or perhaps being a world famous novelist, whose works are turned into movies, and you're constantly being interviewed and asked where you get all your ideas from.

So long as you understand these are WISHES, you're in good shape.

But if you actually start to interpret these wishes as goals or plans, that's when we get into trouble.

Ask any successful person who is in their mid to late life if they had ANY idea HOW they'd become successful, and if they're honest, they'll say that didn't have a clue.

But if you kept digging deeper, you'd find they did have a META plan.

And idea that they'd be successful in a field.

Like sports, or business, or entertainment, or science.

And within that field, they simply kept moving forward.

Nobody can predict the future.

So it's mathematically impossible to have a WISH that exists a year or two out and have that WISH come out to be true.

But this DOES NOT MEAN that wishes and daydreams and fantasies are not critical.

They are VERY critical.

But they aren't plans.

Plans are what happens as you slowly move forward.

Toward your wishes.

And have some success along the way.

And equally important, some failures.

Successes tell you WHAT to do.

Failures tell you what NOT to do.

The more you can look back into your past, and see both failures and success TOWARD your wish, the more accurately you can PLAN.

This is why weight loss and health goals end in disaster.

We a have a vague WISH of a better body.

We have a vague PLAN we think will get us there.

But after about week, what ACTUALLY happens, costs and benefits, is far different than we imagined.

The answer?

Don't blast off into the future.

Go slow.

Carefully and deliberately create that necessary PAST experience that you can use to create and much more accurately predict the future.

The slower you do this, the easier it will be.

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