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According to scientists, and according to some kind of vote, the most beautiful equations in physics are Maxwell's Equations.

These describe the nature of electromagnet radiation.

A small portion of which we call light.

Radio waves to talk to aliens.

Microwaves to cook popcorn.

And light, are all made up of electromagnetic radiation.

And light, or electromagnetic radiation, is the original chicken and the egg.

The CHANGE of the magnetic portion creates a CHANGE in the electric portion.

And the CHANGE in the electric portion creates a CHANGE in the magnetic portion.

One causes the other, which causes the one.

If you're into physics equation t-shirts, the most famous is with Maxwell's Equations.

The top says, "And God Said:"

Then Maxwell's equations are listed.

And after the equations it says:

"And the light was good."

The "geek" part being "Let Their Be Light" is the words describing Maxwell's equations.

One of the most sought after "feelings" is a general sense of happiness.

They do all kinds of surveys and surveys.

Academic goofs are always searching for the "holy grail" of happiness.

As if once they "discover" the secret of happiness, they'll be in a position to tell people what to do so they can "be" happy.

Well, there's no need for a bunch of Academic goofs spending government grants to determine happiness.

Because happiness is very much like Maxwell's equations.

Happiness is a byproduct of forward momentum.

What kind of forward momentum?

Anything that gets YOU closer to something YOU'VE determined is important.

And it's relatively congruent with your deeper instincts.

Money, love, social status, sex, and health.

For example, suppose you're hungry.

So you order a pizza.

While you are waiting for the pizza to come,  you're in a good mood.

We can say this is a very specific kind of happiness.

I'm about to eat something delicious happiness.

Or suppose your girl texted you and she's on her way over.

She knows it's on.

You know it's on.

So you are feeling a kind of "pre-sex" happiness.

Or suppose you've just killed it in a job interview.

Like, really, really killed it.

And you have a follow up interview wit HR, but the CEO who interviewed you first assure you that HR interview is ONLY a formality.

This will create a kind of "I'm about to get hired" happiness.

So, what is general happiness?

A byproduct of forward momentum.

Of getting CLOSER to your goals that are important to you, that are more or less under your control, and closely related to your ancient instincts.

And just like electromagnetic radiation, one CAUSES the other.

Going toward your goals will increase happiness.

Increases of happiness will compel you to bigger and better goals.

Get Going:


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