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Dangers Of Motivation


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One of the most common "self development" thoughts or wishes is also the most dangerous.

In many ways, we live within a lot of paradoxes.

Self deception fueled by biases.

Biases that helped us to survive before, but harm us today.

The most common desire, to satisfy a perceived shortcoming is behind ALL self help "fail."

The more you WANT this one thing that we all believe we don't have, the more likely you will fail.

So, what is this thing that everybody wants, believes they don't have, but can't succeed without?

This one "theme" is this behind every type of self help, from weight loss to making money to reaching any kind of imagined potential?


Everybody BELIEVES they need motivation.

Everybody STARTS any kind of goal, physical or mental, by conjuring up motivation.

But motivation, when you get rid of all the guru fluff and ideas about screaming in the mirror, is ONLY a short term strategy.

And it's based on a kind of "mis-match."

It works like this.

First, you want an outcome that you don't have.

You realize it's going to take effort to get from where you are, to where you want to be.

And since you're NOT automatically doing it, you need to bridge the gap.

And you bridge the gap with MOTIVATION.

A short term burst of energy to get you going.

But that initial and short-lived and ARTIFICIAL burst of energy is not calibrated.

Before you even start, you have a misunderstanding.

You over-estimate the BENEFITS, the thing that you want.

You underestimate the COSTS, what it will take to get there.

Even then, just sitting there with that cost-benefit estimate in your brain, you NEED motivation to get started.

Do you need motivation to get up, walk to the fridge, and grab another cold one?


Silly, right?

But WHY is that action AUTOMATIC, but achieving any kind of long range goal is not?

Because getting up and walking to the fridge is NOT based on guessing.

You KNOW what it will cost.

You KNOW what you will get.

What's the difference between somebody who jogs four miles every day, and ENJOYS it, vs. somebody who struggles to get out and walk?

The person who jogs, within their brain, is just like the person who gets up to get another beer from the fridge.

Both are EASY actions.

They KNOW what the costs will be.

They KNOW what benefits will be.

So, the money question.

How, specifically, can you becoming like the daily jogger?

Who doesn't NEED motivation?

Who does things that not only get them closer to their objectives, but enjoys them in the process?

How can YOU make the actions needed to get to your long term goals as EASY as getting another beer?




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