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Avoid Bursting Into Sexual Flames


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When I was a kid I had this cool kit from Radio Shack.

It was this big circuit board with a bunch of various components.

Each component had a small spring attached.

And the kit came with a wiring diagram.

Connect No. 15 to No. 22 with a wire, etc.

You could create 75 different electric circuits by connecting three or four basic components together.

I went through all 75 pretty quickly.

Maybe a week or so.

Then I tried to experiment.

By hooking up things in my bedroom, through this circuit board.

Some worked pretty well.

I turned my lamp into a strobe light by cutting the wires and running them through the circuit boards.

Other things LITERALLY burst into flames when I ran them through.


We humans LOVE to do stuff like this.

To hack things, or see how we can use them differently.

One famous TV character, (MacGyver) was famous for putting together various simple items to get out of jams.

Most dudes can (or believe they can) fix pretty much anything with some duct tape and a couple squirts of WD-40.

In fact, you may even say this is our BEST trait as thinking, speaking, imagining humans.

Of looking out into the world and seeing what's there.

And then mixing them together in new and interesting ways.

If you're a cook, or a chef, and you can combine interesting flavors together, you can do pretty well.

Watch the cooking section of YouTube or TikTok and you'll find plenty people experimenting very effectively with different food combinations.

If you've ever used a spoon (because you couldn't find or were too lazy to look for a knife) to spread something on toast, this is a demonstration of this "hacking" instinct in our brains.

But we can also hack things inside our selves.

Attach certain emotions with other emotions.

You already know how to play around with hacks outside your brain.

Why not go inside?

This is what you do when you study.

You take plenty of time to connect certain pieces of data together that aren't related.

If you do this well enough, you get a B on a test and avoid getting yelled at by your teacher.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The scratching of the surface.

Because deeper down, there are some very POWERFUL emotions.

And just like the Radio Shack 75 in 1 kit, you can connect some pretty cool things together.

Like an external visual trigger of a GORGEOUS face and body to MASSIVE sexual confidence.

Without bursting into flames.

Learn How:


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