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Re-Wire Your Sex Energy


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One of the earliest "tricks" from NLP is the swish pattern.

Unfortunately, like many other NLP ideas, this was treated as a once and done trick.

Mainly because of how it was taught and learned in seminars.

NLP seminars are like many other guru type seminars.

The seminar experience is kind of an "alternate reality."

Everybody is excited about all the cool tricks.

And how much better their future will be.

And when they try the exercise, they kind of "pretend" they work.

Especially if the NLP seminar is expensive and in some exotic location, or even a nice hotel, like many are.

It would feel TERRIBLE to admit you've wasted your money.

So everybody kind of "pretends" that the techniques work FANTASTICALLY.

So, when people do the "swish" pattern, inside the seminar, it's easy to believe it's a once and done trick.

The swish pattern does work, but it takes time.

You basically take some "trigger" that comes at you unexpectedly from the world.

And before the swish pattern, that trigger causes an automatic and unwanted emotional response.

This unwanted response is kind of like a little kid touching a hot stove.

This creates an automatic "cause-effect" link in the kids mind.

So they see the stove, they AUTOMATICALLY feel afraid.

This is naturally overridden over time.

Slowly but surely, as they grow up, they override that "hot stove = danger" with different responses.

Hot stove = grilled cheese

Hot stove = happy pancake party

Hot stove = cooking dinner and hoping I get laid

So yes, it IS possible to RE-WIRE any negative trigger-responses in your brain.

But since you are essentially re-wiring a fear response, it takes plenty of time.

Metaphorically, when the brain sees any kind of danger, or potential danger, any thing associated with that danger is laid down with THICK brain wiring.

Those that didn't have this automatic fear-thick-wire response didn't survive.

So in order to override that thick wire with pleasure, it takes time.

What kind of pleasure?

In the hot stove example, the fear of pain was slowly overridden with the pleasure of eating.

But an even BETTER pleasure is SEX.

Especially if you use the SAME trigger.

Most of us have an automatic sex response like this.

We see a hot guy or girl.

We feel horny.

That horniness makes us imagine talking to them and hopefully getting some.

That causes fear and anxiety.

That fear and anxiety drives UNATTRACTIVE body language.

This is likely the most famous VICIOUS cycle of modern humans.

The trick is to BREAK this cycle using the SAME sex urge.

To stop that chain of events that leads with unattractive body language.

And build in a DIFFERENT chain of events.

To generate very, very attractive body language.

So instead of FEELING nervous when you see a pretty lady.

You'll AUTOMATICALLY feel insanely confident.

Learn How:



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