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Stage hypnosis is pretty cool.

Both to watch and to participate.

Once I spoke like a Martian.

My job, as a Martian emissary to Earth, was to tell the Earthlings that you'd better obey your Martian overlords.

I don't remember much, but when I stood up and lectured the audience in Martian, my friend told me I looked like a professional speaker.

When it was my friend's turn, he counted to ten, but somehow forgot the number 3.

Stage hypnosis is much different than other hypnosis.

Stage hypnosis is a combination of external triggers.

Compared to highway hypnosis, or movie hypnosis, or conversational hypnosis.

For stage hypnosis, there is a lot of external pressure.

The crowd, the fact that you volunteered, and some guy who has some kind of authority.

Highway hypnosis is actually a function of evolution.

We store location information in a different section of our brain.

Since we used to be nomads, this was very important back in the day.

Movie hypnosis is very powerful self hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis is a purposely vague kind of communication, that leverages the ideas that already exist in their mind.

Most of our biases are very similar to stage hypnosis.

Driven by things outside of ourselves, not really our own choice.

Simply by understanding how hypnosis works can give you a huge advantage.

Being able to de-hypnotize yourself from ideas that aren't helpful.

But self hypnosis can be used to create "links" between things in the world, and how we respond.

Most of these links happen naturally.

You're sitting there at work, not thinking of food, but then you look at the clock and it's noon.

Suddenly your hungry.

Any time you practice anything, you are essentially "training"  yourself.

Connecting good feelings to "correct" behavior, and bad feelings to "incorrect" behavior.

"Correct" behavior being simple things like making free throws or playing the right keys on the piano in the right sequence and tempo.

Or sticking to your diet to see the payoff when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Or suffering through some painful morning exercises until you can touch your toes without pain.

Most people shuffle through life never realizing how much power they have in their brains.

To pretty connect ANY feeling to ANY other feeling.

This takes time, as all practice does, but it can be very, very powerful.

Like connecting feelings of massive confidence to standing up in front of a crowd.

Or feeling a natural sexual urge, and instead of being embarrassed and feeling anxious, you feel something else.

What something else?

An incredible sense of peace and appreciation for the seemingly magical energy of life flowing through everything.

This will shift your outer personality from being nervous, shy, having social anxiety to being irresistibly sexually attractive.

Learn to manage THIS energy and watch the magic happen.

Learn How:



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