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Get James Bond Sexual Confidence


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One a common and very interesting movie scene is about sexual subtext.

A couple, guy and a girl, will be talking about a surface level topic.

But the subtext is all about sex.

The guy knows it.

The girl knows it.

The audience knows it.

This is because we humans don't like to talk about sex blatantly.

It's always best kept as "understood."

The corollary to this is the "misunderstood" scene.

Usually the lady is expressing her thanks to a dude.

Or some other non-normal communication.

She gives him a "friendly" hug.

But he misinterprets this as an "it's on like Donkey Kong" hug and acts accordingly.

She reacts, horrified, he pulls back, embarrassed.

Usually in romantic comedies, or otherwise normal comedies with sort of romantic themes, BOTH misunderstand each other.

Usually they are young and inexperienced.

They start off TRYING to act on the sexual subtext.

But they are both equally worried about misunderstanding the subtext.

The conversation is usually clumsy and funny.

Both WANT it, but both are worried if acting on that want and being told they misunderstood the session.

All these examples are an indication of HOW MUCH non-verbal energy and feelings go into successful crossings of the romantic threshold.

Where you are talking, you feel it, you are pretty sure they feel it.

You go in for the kiss, and they reciprocate.

The split second BEFORE your lips meet, BOTH of your brains are spinning around like CRAZY.

This is why successful crossing of the romantic threshold feels so good.

It's also why many people are TERRIFIED of making this transition without this very common anxiety being dulled by alcohol.

Beer Goggles are real, not just at a distance.

But up close and personal.

In the movies, where they spend tons of time writing and re-writing and practicing and rehearsing, the most SEXUALLY attractive people have ZERO of this anxiety.

This is commonly shown in the movies where the dude slowly and 100% confidently goes in for the kiss.

He looks at her eyes, glances down at her lips, back up in her eyes and SLOWLY and deliberately crossed the threshold.

And if the archetype is a James Bond type, the lady has already surrendered.

For dudes, this is the IDEAL.

To be SO confident you don't have to turn off your brain with booze to make the transition.

Or stay on the sidelines over-analyzing every single thing.

Or spending all your time on internet forums trying to find the perfect combination of IOI's that will GUARANTEE your success.

Any guy THIS confident fears nothing.

That's why they are those archetypes.

Archetypes exist for a reason.

They are ancient.

We like them because we WANT to be like them.

The question is, how, specifically CAN you be like them?

This Is How:



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