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The biggest cause of pain in modern life is instinct mis-match.

But it's also the source of some fantastic hacks.

Food is the easiest to understand.

Back in the day, it was hard and dangerous to get food.

So, between the feeling of hunger, and the satisfying of hunger was a HUGE and dangerous task.

Work, risk, hard effort.

Today, there is NOTHING between hunger and the satisfaction of hunger.

Which is why there is a very tight correlation between GDP per capita and obesity per capita.

Another instinct that was FANTASTIC back in the day but TERRIBLE today is our "externalizing" instinct.

Externalizing or projecting our problems on others is common.

So common we don't even know we are doing it.

It's like all our other biases.

Easy to spot in others, hard to spot in our selves.

Even harder is to see this as a necessary survival instinct.

Just like hunger.

Imagine your a caveman back in the day.

You're out hunting, see a deer, and throw your spear.

And you miss.

WITHOUT the externalizing instinct, you shrug your shoulders and try again.

But with the externalizing instinct?

You get ANGRY that the deer.

And this makes you MORE motivated to kill that mother-effer.

The externalizing instinct HELPED us back then.

It HURTS us today.

Because nearly EVERYTHING we want comes from other people.

So when we don't get it, we blame THEM.

In fact, this has been the "con" of politicians since the dawn of time.

Their messages LEVERAGES this UNHELPFUL externalizing instinct.

"You're problems aren't your fault. They are somebody else's fault. Put me in charge and I'll fix them."

Of course, since that's just a LIE to get more power, those dudes never fix squat.

But this isn't to go off on a political tirade.

We want to UNDERSTAND our instincts.

So we can manage them.

Central to this is our self awareness.

A uniquely human instinct.

Instincts work the SAME WAY in all animals.

With or without self awareness.

Self awareness, language, and memory are only a couple hundred thousand years old.

But we've been primates, split from chimps for AT LEAST 8,000,000 years.

This gives us a very unique opportunity.

To combine an understanding of our instincts, with our self awareness.

There already are plenty of examples of how to do this with FOOD.

How to combine self awareness with a knowledge of how much food we NEED and maximizing our pleasure.

In a different way, we can combine our self awareness with a much deeper, much more profound instinct.

Our sexual instinct.

This is much subtler than making some sugar free cookies.

And much, much more powerful.

Use your self awareness to unlock the energy that DRIVES your sex energy and find MAGIC.

Learn How:


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