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Order, Chaos and Ancient Power


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There are some metaphors that were created so long ago, nobody knows how they came to mean what they do.

For example, everybody knows that "kick the bucket"  means to die.

But nobody has any clue WHY that means that.

Sure, we can all guess what it might mean.

We can even look at all our guesses and take a vote, and choose a winner.

But even then we'd have ZERO idea how they phrase came to be.

People use phrases like that LONG before they are ever written down.

But some phrases are pretty clear.

How they came to mean what they mean.

Like the term "hungry."

It can mean, obviously, that you want food.

But it can also mean that you are very driven.

The opposite is also true.

"Fat cats" gives a pretty clear image of what it describes.

Some very fat cat being lazy, not needing to move.

"Fat" and "hungry" are instinctively clear.

Lean is a closely correlated adjective.

Often used along with "hungry."

To say a guy has a "lean and hungry" look means he's young, literally skinny, and CRAVES success.

He's willing to do anything to GET success.


Before you get anything, you are ambitious.

Lean and hungry.

Then later, what's you achieve success, and you are sitting back, enjoy the fruits of your success, you are "fat and happy."

All tied to our hunger instinct.

What about are other most important instinct?


Being hungry is perfectly fine.


But sex is very dangerous.

Or it can be, and has been viewed as such throughout history.

Sexual attraction between the wrong people can create a LOT of havoc.

The sexually attractive female has been associated with CHAOS in a lot of mythology.


It works generally like this.

All the "men" or masculine energy are busy building something.

They are operating ON their reality to create order.

Changing flows of rivers to grow more crops.

Taking randomly strewn rocks and building structures.

Masculine energy = order.

The a couple of SEXY females show up.

They RADIATE sexual energy.

This DISTRACTS the men.

Even TODAY in Korean schools, when guys at all guy schools are taking their all-important college entrance exams, the female teachers are NOT ALLOWED to wear perfume for this very reason.

Now all these guys, who were previously creating ORDER are now all distracted.

By the head turning, sexually attractive female who just showed up.

No longer are they COOPERATING.

Now they are COMPETING.



Sexual energy is EXTREMELY powerful.

You can try to express it anywhere you can.

Or you can do everything you can to suppress it.

But if you learn to ACCEPT your sexual energy WITHOUT needing to suppress it or express it, you can gain an ENORMOUS amount of power.

Because beneath your sexual urges lies something MUCH more powerful.

Much more ancient.

Leverage THAT power, and be a universe unto yourself.

Learn More:


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