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The Secret Hack To Being A Natural


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There are two sides to any behavior.

Inner and outer.

Each can lead the other.

Each can support self sustaining cycles, both good and bad.

And due to your imaginative mind, there are two ways to augment these.

First, the part of one leading the other.

If you are in a good mood, you'll smile.

But if you are in a bad mood, you can FORCE yourself to smile, and you'll actually start to feel good.

This, of course, is very short term.

It's hard to force outer game (how you behave) to LEAD inner game (how you feel) beyond simple gestures.

Once you get some interpersonal communication going on, even if it's non-verbal, like eye contact, this changes everything.

However, once you do get eye contact, or back and forth, these two ideas still exist.

Inner game leading outer game (which is very, very strong) or outer game leading inner game (which is very, very difficult).

If are nervous on the inside, it's going to be very hard to try any outer game techniques.

At least congruently.

However, if you are calm and relaxed on the inside, even some basic communication skills are really all you need.

In fact, consider that the STRONGER your inner game is, the less you need to worry about outer game.

This is why naturals are naturals.

It's also why they don't KNOW how or why they are naturals.


Naturals are naturals because ALL they know is success.

Every since they started getting boners, getting girls was EASY and natural.

Even this is very hard to explain.

Some kids grow up with decent supportive parents, they luck out and get some good teachers.

AND they even get "lucky" in that the first few random girls they flirt with flirt right back.

So their "belief" about the world is essentially AUTOMATIC.

In their brain is a belief that says:

"Girls are fun and easy to talk to, flirt with, and have sex with."

Judging by the millions of people in the world, and all the random things that can happen to random kids as the grow up, you'll inevitably have a bunch of "naturals" that never EVER have problems with things like this.

Then there is everybody else.

And among everybody else, there are two ways to BECOME a natural.

One is to simply muscle your way through and approach a kajillion girls, get rejected a bunch (.99 x 1 Kajillion) and SLOWLY build up inner confidence.

AND to train your brain to ONLY reference those success (equaling 1% of a kajillion) whenever you see a hot lady.

That's ONE way.

What's the other?

To retrain yourself on the inside.

Deeply inside.

Specifically, how you automatically RESPOND to your sexual urges.

Most normal people feel a sexual urge and IMMEDIATELY try to cover it up.

But once you re-calibrate it, you'll feel something much different.

Much more profound.

Much more AUTOMATICALLY attractive.


Learn More:


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