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There's an idea in biology called "co-evolution."

It's when two different species develop an overlapping relationship.

Based on overlapping, self interest.

The best example is like bees and flowers.

The bees get free nectar from the flowers.

The flowers get free pollination from the bees.

Neither have self awareness, so neither has any idea what's going on.

The math is a bit complex, and we'll need a bit of game theory to see how this would evolve.

But we can simplify it a bit.

You could imagine a bunch of different types of flowers and a bunch of different types of bees.

The two that just happened to have this overlapping "selfishness" would replicate the most.

Maybe some bees loved nectar, but they didn't have those prickly things.

Maybe some flowers had tons of nectar, but they kept their pollen somewhere else.

After however many generations of natural selection, the two species that replicated the most were the flowers with their pollen next to the free nectar.

And the bees who both loved nectar and had the prickly things so while they got free nectar, they would pollinate (help the flowers have sex) by going from flower to flower.

You'll see this combination a lot.

Sex and energy, or sex and food.

The same goes with primates.

We evolved a love of fruit.

The fruit has a sweet taste, just like nectar.

And the payoff for the "free" fruit is the seeds on the inside.

Monkeys and other animals eat fruit, and poop out the seeds.

Getting free food, and in exchange, helping the provider of the food by helping it replicate.

This also exists between humans.

Back in the day, the best hunters would get the most social status.

This was in exchange for providing the most food.

The best hunters, or providers of the most food, would be rewarded with the highest social status.

This social status then created attraction in the ladies.

The most providers of food for the tribe got the most sex.

The intermediary idea was social status.

Today, it's even better.

We've taken that intermediary "social status" and replaced it with something else.

What is that something else?


As soon as humans started living in larger groups we needed money.

One, because there were many more things we needed, besides some animal  meat.

And because we lived in larger and larger societies, having social status wouldn't quite work.

So, money was a natural invention.

You do something for somebody and the give you money.

You can take that money and pay somebody else, who does something for you.

The more stuff you do for others, the more money you get.

The more money you get, the more you pay others to give you what you want.

So long as the entire group is using the same money, this group can be as BIG as it needs to be.

Like today, our planet has 7 BILLION people.

All buying and selling things to each other.

All using money, a place holder, a potential energy of this ancient overlapping self interest.

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