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Everything seems easy in retrospect.

Ideas that make people millions are pretty easy.

Unless you're a chemist or engineer, coming up with money making inventions does NOT rely on brainpower.

But even if you don't consider yourself an "idea person" you can still do pretty well with some basic skills.

Especially now more than ever.

Despite how chaotic the modern economy is, there are still many opportunities.

Sure, they won't fall magically into your lap and lead straight to millions.

But there are many, many ways you can earn a decent living.

You need two very basic skills.

Skills you already have.

Skills EVERYBODY has but are too lazy to use.

One is an ability to try a few different things.

Two is the ability to KEEP DOING the things that work.

Most of the people these days that are VERY successful in ANY kind of online venture have one thing in common.

Not super genius intelligence.

Not super gorgeous looks.


Sure, some people just get lucky.

But even before the internet was invented, the MAIN ingredient of financial success was persistence.

And NOT hard persistence.

Not the persistence of suffering rejections over and over again.

The EASY persistence.

The BORING persistence.

Of doing the same things every day, but directed toward a better future.

Watching Netflix every day or playing video games won't you get rich.

But if you figure out SOMETHING that you can do every day, that MIGHT make you money, and KEEP AT IT, you will get paid.

This is the 99% perspiration people refer to when they say "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."

Since this is an OLD saying, it was literally true.

Back in the day when doing those SAME things every day made you sweat.

But today, since you can do everything from home, with a PC and the internet, you don't need to sweat.

But it WILL be boring.

In fact this is one of those sayings from Warren Buffet.

"If you're excited while making money, you're doing it wrong."

Building your financial empire SHOULD be boring.

So long as you are earning money of ANY amount, this is a clue.

Keep doing that.

Keep getting better.

Since most people are LAZY and waiting for somebody else to hold their hand, and PROVE to them it's safe, they'll give up.

So long as YOU don't, you'll win.

Building financial empires is a LONG GAME strategy.

Let the rest of the lazy goofs sit around and wait for the magic money fairy.

Figure out a few things you'd like to do, and keep doing, and keep getting better at.

Find the things among those that have the highest probability of getting you paid.

Get started, and never stop.

Because there IS a much better feeling than HAVING money.

It's MAKING money.

It's seeing MORE money in your future that was in your path.

This is the path to your financial empire.

Get Started:


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