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There's a famous line that describes "bad" human behavior.

Bad human behavior according to how we spend money.

"We buy things we don't need to impress people we don't like."

There are many variations of this.

On a bigger scale, the idea of "consumerism" is considered to be very bad.

This is kind of true, but not always.

Simply buying more things is not bad in itself.

Not in the least.

In fact, we programmed to always want more.

More than we have.

Maybe there was an ancient tribe of people who were completely satisfied with what they had.

They just relaxed, did a little bit of hunting, and spent their time being happy with what they had.

Maybe these were the living examples of "happiness is not having what you want, it's wanting what you have."

But the thing about our relationship with our environment is our environment doesn't ask our permission before it changes.

Most species are extinct.

This means they didn't evolve FAST ENOUGH to keep up with their changing environment.

So, those "wanting what you have" humans wouldn't have lasted long.

Who did?

Our ancestors.

Who had some cool stuff, but they always wondered.

About what might be out there beyond the hills.

These are who we descended from.

The people who were ALWAYS thinking:

"What I have now is cool, but there's GOT to be more to life than this!"

This is the exact situation that every hero experiences in the "Orphan Stage" of the hero's journey.

They are in a safe but boring place.

They crave more.https://mindpersuasion.com/prosperity-mindset/

They sing songs about "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when life is much more exciting than on the farm.

The problems come with HOW we express this powerful instinct in our modern society.

If you keep buying crap you really DON'T need, that's not good.

On the other hand, this instinct is WHY we have so much stuff.

One of the greatest transitions in human history was the Industrial Revolution.

It didn't just randomly "happen."

There were many, many driving forces.

One of them is almost always overlooked.

And that was that way back in they day, in the 1300's, England decided ANYBODY could buy property.

Up until then, for most of human history, you had to be born into the right family.

But once ANYBODY could buy and own property, the race was on.

First you had to earn and save enough money.

And for the first time in human history ANYBODY could have this thought in their brain:

"If I work hard enough, if I think creatively enough, I can one day own my own land, grow my own food, and give the world the FINGER!"

And this PARTY has been going on ever since.

Every single invention you enjoy today was created with that same thought.

"If I can think of something nobody else has, I will be free!"

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