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Leverage Your Meta Instinct


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One cool element of storytelling is when they go "meta."

In the terms of covert hypnosis, this is called "blurred realities."

One way to use blurred realities is with the quotes pattern.

You tell a story about a couple of guys.

One is talking to the other guy and says something silly.

But when you "quote" the guy saying the silly thing, you look directly at your friend, or the audience.

It's called a quotes pattern because you are quoting somebody else.

But it's also a blurred reality because the listener isn't sure what's really happening.

It creates a kind of "wait, is he saying that to me?" response.

A movie a few years ago did this and got the Oscar.

Right off the bat, the whole thing was blurred reality.

The movie was about a "washed up actor" who used to play a superhero called Birdman.

But the main character was played by a (maybe) "washed up actor" that used to play a superhero called Batman.

There were tons of blurred realities throughout the movie.

The Coen Brothers make plenty of movies that use this technique via the "story within a story."

Consider that this ability of us humans to go "meta" is a very powerful, and often under appreciated skill.

It probably started way back in the day, long before we were humans.

Back when we became nomads.

Every other animal is pretty constrained to a certain area.

They look for a narrow range of food, and they have a pretty narrow range of predators.

We, however are literally at the TOP of the food chain.

The APEX predators of Earth.

This is based on our ancient "meta skills."

We have instincts, and we have the ability to learn new instincts.

Or another way to say this is we have a "meta" instinct.

An instinct that allows us to learn new instincts.

To program skills and behaviors to the level of unconscious competence.

How does this meta instinct work?

We look out into the world.

We see what exists.

And we build MORE.

Not more of the same.

But BETTER ways to do the same thing.

We see horses, and invent cars.

We see cars, and invent planes.

We see planes, and invent spaceships.


Think of this mental experiment.

Take a baby born today.

And put him or her 1000 years into the future.

What will they do?

They'll grow up in all that future technology, stuff we can't even CONCEIVE of today.

And they'll create MORE.

The same brains that exist today, will be soaking up what's around them, and create BETTER versions of what they see.

The real question is WHY do we do this?

What do we GET in exchange for our inventions, creations and contributions?

We get PAID.

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