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We humans have tons of built in instincts.

And we have tons of built in learning.

We can learn to improve our built in instincts.

Or we can learn to create new instincts.

Take riding a bike, for example.

Nobody is a natural when they first try.

That's why they make tricycles and training wheels.

But once you got the skills down, you've got them down.

Riding a bike is one of the common examples of learning something to the level of unconscious competence.

Learn it by heart, and it's second nature.

Let's take a look at those two metaphors in that previous sentence.

To "learn something by heart" means you don't need your brain.

No conscious effort required.

Or to become "second nature" it's another "natural thing" that is added on to your programmed instincts, or your first "natural things."

For a bike, once you get it down, it's down.

Unless you are going compete professionally, there's no more learning required.

But some skills have UNLIMITED higher levels of unconscious competence.

There are some pieces on the piano that would take many, many years of practice to the "second nature" level.

On the other hand, little kids can become unconsciously competent in "chopsticks" pretty quickly.

There is also another level of learning.

If taking an instinct, and then unlearning it, to break down the components, and then putting them back together at a much higher level.

This is what Bruce Lee allegedly said about Jeet Kun Do.

At first, a punch is just a punch.

Something that is instinctive.

Something we don't need to think about.

But when you study Jeet Kun Do, a punch is a complex combination of balance, breathing, focus, intention, energy, etc.

This is when you PURPOSELY take the punch back down to the level of conscious competence.

After Jeet Kun Do, a punch is just a punch.

This is you taken an instinctive punch, and trained it to be a much, much better punch.

This is the best of both worlds.

Starting with a basic instinct.

Breaking it down, training it and making to better, and second nature.

And you can ALSO get better.

The more you train, the better you get.

But there is another skill you can train.

A kind of meta skill.

Or perhaps a meta-meta skill.

The encompasses pretty much ANY "sub-skill" you can think of.

And this meta-meta skill has been around since the dawn of time.

This meta-meta skill is responsible for EVERYTHING that has been created by man, since the dawn of time.

Even BEFORE time was a recorded idea.

Get in THIS game, and find your purpose.

A purpose that will continue to serve you.

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