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A very useful skill is to be able to "go meta."

Meaning look at the big picture, outside yourself.

And as objective as you can.

For example, it's very EASY to see the biases in others, but hard in ourselves.

It's easy to see somebody else trapped in a dangerous relationship or habit, but very hard to spot in ourselves.

Going meta is also another way to find out, or at least get closer, to some very "eternal" questions.

Questions like, "why are we here" or "what is our purpose."

For example, suppose there as an invisible alien outpost just outside of Earth.

A very advanced race of aliens put these observational outposts around all planets that might develop life.

Earth developed life long ago, and "it" evolved into "us."

Self aware sentient beings.

And suppose some alien came to collect the data, and had to go back home and give a short presentation.

In the form of:

"Humans are X, Y, and Z, etc."

Maybe there were a few dozen aliens giving data summaries that day and he or she or it or whatever had to be succinct.

What would they say?

How would you describe humans over the past 50,000  years?

In the past 10,000 years?

In the past 500 years?

What is it we DO more than anything else?

Or perhaps one representative of Earth was at a cocktail party with a bunch of other aliens.

And some alien approached him or her and said:

"So, Earthling, what do you do?"

What would they say?

What is the ONE thing that humans DO?

The pessimists say we might like to kill each other.

But that can't be THE reason, because population keeps getting BIGGER.

If killing each other were our main purpose, we'd have gone extinct a long time ago.

So, Earthling, what do you do?

We build stuff.

We make stuff.

We invent stuff.

Suppose our secret alien observer was comparing "human planet" to "kangaroo planet."

If you looked at Kangaroo Planet every 1000 years, it would be the same.

It would be an equilibrium between kangaroos, whatever kangaroos eat, and whatever ate kangaroos.

But if they checked in on Earth every few hundred years, every single time there would be more STUFF.

The NEXT questions (maybe at the cocktail party) would be WHY do you guys on Earth keep inventing so much stuff?

Because it's fun?

Because it serves your fellow man?


But there's something else that keeps INCREASING every time our imaginary observer checks in on us.

Every single time, there would be WAY more money.

The stuff keeps increasing.

The money keeps increasing.

This would create a puzzle in the mind of the alien cocktail conversationalist.

Why do you Earthlings keep making more stuff?

So we can get more money.

Why do you want more money?

So we can get more stuff.

THIS is what humans do.

THIS is our purpose, or at the very least, what we DO.

Making money so we can get stuff.

Making stuff to we can get money.

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