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Reverse Ego Love Pattern


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A simple idea describes why we tend to have so many problems.

And that is the idea of "instinct mismatch."

The idea that our instincts were calibrated for a much, much different world.

Hunger is the most common example.

Back in the day, the rules were simple.

Find something to eat.

If it tasted good, eat as much of it as you could.

Those that this simple, DNA programmed "eating rule" the STRONGEST would tend to survive.

Those that had this unconscious urge the strongest would be more motivated to find food, more motivated to eat food, and more motivated to store energy in the form of fat.

In a world where food was very, very hard to get, this was perfect.

Today, it's the opposite.

Which means if we BLINDLY follow this instinct, we will go in the other direction.

Away from survival and toward death.

Everybody knows this.

Which is why everybody has SOME kind of strategy and behavior to manage this ancient instinct.

Sure, some are more successful than others, but few people eat anything and everything without concern for the consequences.

Another instinct is our ego.

An instinct that makes us seek, maintain and demonstrate any kind of social hierarchy dominance.

Sometimes this is very, very helpful.

A bunch of engineers are fighting over the best solution to a technical problem.

So long as they AGREE on the outcome, having an ego driven "idea contest" is a PERFECT solution.

Kind of like a "brain vs. brain" cage fight.

But when having wandering conversations, with NO agreed upon outcome, these can turn into FRAME battles.

With friends, this is perfectly fine.

But when you are meeting something knew, this is can be JUST like hunger.

Blindly obeying hunger gets you into trouble.

Blindly obeying your ego when trying to make a first impression will also get you into hunger.

Similarly, those that are the healthiest are the BEST at managing their hunger instinct.

Those that make the BEST impressions on others are the BEST at managing their ego instinct.

How does this ego present itself naturally?

Anything that FEELS like you think they NEED your opinion.

Anything that makes you feel like you NEED to get ANY idea out of your head, and into their head.

Just like the food instinct.

A way to describe this would be your food instinct looks out into the world, and sees food.

It gives you a nearly irresistible impulse that says:

"Put that into your stomach!"

Similarly, your ego instincts looks inside your head and says:

"Put these ideas into their head!"

Perfect in the old days.

Opposite effect in modern times.

But unlike the food instinct, which ALWAYS requires management, the ego instinct only needs to be managed in the very SHORT TERM.

And it only takes a little bit to see the results.

The other person feeling FANTASTIC.

Because of you.

And whenever they think of you.

Learn How:


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